Adriana Loves the Gay Community

Adriana Loves the Gay Community

Adriana dishes on her experience at the gay polo match.

When the boring are away, the gay will play! And how much fun we had!

I had the best time ever going to watch the gay polo match in Palm Beach! It was so nice to be around friends and guys who appreciate me for what I am, and who I know will not stab me in the back. I was amongst people who were not the judgmental kind... I knew I could let my guard down and just enjoy a day free of drama, and boy did I need that breather!

I love the gay community and always relate and connect to them. We share the same appreciation for beauty, details, art, and we like to live life to the fullest! Throughout my life, I’ve always found the best souls and talent in the gay community -- their talent and creativity leads the art world, the fashion world, and the music world. How insipid would life be without them in it?  I feel like one of them and appreciate all the glamour and fun they bring to our otherwise plain, boring lives.So I would like to dedicate this week’s blogs to all my wonderful gay friends out there -- your presence in my life makes it so much better! Thank God you were born this way: WONDERFUL!

Much love,


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Even the Men have Their Drama
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