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Romain's Big Heart

Joanna was proud of Romain for making amends with Frederic.

By Joanna Krupa

I think it was very classy and big of Romain to decide to meet up with Frederic. Romain isn't the type of person that will allow anyone to disrespect me, and the fact he wanted to set a good example makes me love him even more and proves that he has an amazing heart. The decision to meet Frederic meant he was 100 percent sure of keeping the peace, since Romain doesn't allow anyone to tell him what to do. The meeting with Frederic was strictly because he felt he wanted to make amends, otherwise he would have never showed up. Romain is busy and doesn't have time for hate or people that are not worthy to be in his life. I admire him for meeting with Frederic and seeing past Frederic’s crazy wife, finding forgiveness, and moving on since we will always see each other as we are part of a circle that has mutual friends. It made the most sense (at least for the men) not to hate one another.

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The Men Lay Out Their Issues
When Lea came over to the house, I definitely was very emotional, overwhelmed, and sad that Marta wasn't able to meet me in LA to help with the wedding planning, but I also didn't expect her to drop everything last minute and come with me to LA. I just really wanted to share this time and experience with her, and it’s hard digesting that she has a new life now and is happy and in love and no longer available 24/7 like she was when we lived together. That is very hard for me to get used to, especially at this fragile moment of wedding planning, since I trust her opinion and advice and really couldn't imagine anyone else helping me with this other than Marta. But I also can't be selfish and need to realize Marta is a grown woman. One day she was going to move out, and the time is now.

It was sweet of Lea to come up with the idea to go to LA with me and bring along Lisa, because I am always open to hear other people’s advice and opinions, even though I was pretty set in stone on what I wanted for my wedding and how I wanted it to look. But I respect Lisa and Lea’s taste and think it would be a fun trip for us. And I thought it would be fun for them to see my life in LA, since it’s very different than Miami. In Miami I am more on a vacation and dealing with projects through phone calls and emails, and in LA is where all the magic happens for me. I also thought it would be a fun girls’ trip to let loose and have a good time away from the Miami madness. I think we all were ready for a little getaway from the Miami drama and certain people. Until next time!

MIA is in BH

But in the meantime wanted to share with you my rescue and what I have been up to aside from my career. As most of you know, I love animals and now I opened my own rescue: Here are a couple of the recent animals we rescued that need help.

Sarah needs donations for major surgery to fix her legs after she blew out both her cruciate ligaments. Click here for more info on how to get involved.


Gordy needs donations for his hospitalization, since he became very lethargic and couldn't walk. We are still trying to figure out what’s wrong with him and if his low blood sugar is what is causing the seizures. Click here for more info on how to get involved.


Also don't forget to follow me on Twitter and Instagram @joannakrupa.



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