No Holds Barred

No Holds Barred

Caroline breaks her silence and speaks out about her conflict with Danielle.

OK, as you well know I've been very quiet over the past six weeks regarding Danielle. No More.

First thing I need the viewing audience to understand is that each week we come into your homes to entertain with laughter and drama. When you turn your televisions off the drama ends for you. Not so for me.

I found it very difficult to watch the interaction between Danielle and Jacqueline week after week. Let me make something clear - I love Jacqueline very much. We have a wonderful relationship in that we can tell each other what's on our minds, no holds barred.

We may scream and yell at times, but in the end there is a mutual respect and love there. I will say this; the laughter and good times far outweigh the bad. Now, regarding her friendship with Danielle. True, I didn't understand it, and I believed Danielle to be a negative impact in her life. That is my opinion, and I am entitled to just that, my opinion. Jacqueline decided to befriend Danielle, and I respect her right to make her own decisions and have her own opinion on Danielle as well.

I want to talk about Dina. I wish I was more like her. She has an extraordinary sense of humor and is very conscious of people's feelings and needs. To this day, to this very moment, I cannot figure out Danielle's compulsive obsession to destroy her. A lot of viewers expressed dismay at the thought that I protected Dina and took the fall for showing the book. THIS IS NOT I said in Tuesday's blog, I am a firm believer in "If you make your bed you must lie in it," I would NEVER lie to protect someone for something that they did. Not even my own children. What kind of example would I be setting for them? It is my bed...I WILL LIE IN IT.

Let me regress to the first time I met Danielle. There was something about her that set an alarm bell off in my head. At that very moment I made the conscious decision to keep her at arms length. Many may judge me on this, so be it. I defy you to find that one person in this world that befriends everyone they meet. If you are out there, please come forward, as you may be the one to solve all the problems in this crazy world we live in.

Now, the book...we were at Albie's graduation party when we found out about it. My niece received a phone call from a friend of hers that lives in the same town as Danielle. Apparently, this book and Danielle's reputation are well known throughout the town. Her friend asked her to forward the information to us as a warning, Danielle is not who she claims to be. Now I ask you? What would you think? What would you do? We were told the name of the book and we went into the office and Googled it. We did it TOGETHER. The only one missing was Teresa. I went to the library the next day and brought it home where we all looked at it TOGETHER (again, no Teresa.)

Danielle likes to suggest that we searched it out and investigated her. Let's look at this logically...that would be IMPOSSIBLE. How could we have ever imagined that she had an alias? Did we sit around the table and pull the name Beverly out of the air? Did we sit around the table and say - I bet she was involved in a kidnapping? IMPOSSIBLE...this CAME TO US. The contents of this book were nothing short of explosive. Again, I ask you...what would you have done?

OK, the salon. I had the book in my car with the intent of returning it to the library. I walked into the salon, and yes, Dina was there, I won't deny that. However, I will say it again, she had nothing to do with it. It began as a topic of conversation. I was asked if I had seen the book, I said yes I had, as a matter of fact it's in my car. This was not done with malice, as Danielle would have you all believe. Danielle's reputation preceded the bombshell of this book. These people are my FRIENDS. They were just as concerned and frightened as everyone else. Danielle would also have you believe that the book was "paraded" around the town. I showed TWO people, my wait, I'm lying, Jacqueline's friend was there too, although she already knew about it. Does that constitute an entire town? The salon was full, if that was true I would have announced it for all to see. Also, if that was anyone's intent, we certainly have a much larger arena than the salon to accomplish that.

Some viewers questioned why we didn't ask Danielle for the truth. It's simple. There is no truth with Danielle. She has shown through her actions and words time and again (remember what I said earlier, you have only seen six hours of our lives) that she is incapable of telling the truth. A leopard doesn't change its spots. This woman has reeked havoc in our lives from the moment we met her.

The most important thing I need everyone to realize is that Danielle's past is NOT why I have these feelings for her. The way Danielle lives her life today is none of my business. The problem I have with Danielle is her all out campaign to destroy my sister and knowingly come between an entire family in the process. The footage doesn't lie.....I was right.

Some viewers have also told me that I was their favorite until Tuesday's episode. For that I'm sorry. However, I will not compromise my values and integrity in order to have acceptance. As much as I value and appreciate all of your kindness and support, I have to remain true to my family and myself.

As far as Jacqueline and Danielle's relationship, I will reserve comment, that is Jacqueline's story to tell.

Many have asked how the family is dealing with all of this. I will say only this - we are family. Where there is family there is love, and where there is love there is forgiveness. We are fine...thick as thieves....

Again, many, many, thanks for watching.

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