Fun, Friends, and Family

Fun, Friends, and Family

Dina's had enough drama and wants to get back to what's really important.

Hello Everyone,

I really want to once again start by saying that I can't begin to thank everyone for reaching out to me with such kind words and encouragement. I am so touched and feel extremely blessed to have "fans." (I am still trying to get used to that idea. LOL.) Under this spotlight we are being ripped apart by some, so to know how many good, kind people are out there is such a ray of sunshine in this sometimes cloudy ride that we are on. So thank you, thank you, thank you!

Episode 5 was fun for me to watch. Enough of the drama and onto what my life is really about - friends, fun and family.

Atlantic City was a blast. I want to first say that if you ever get the chance to go to the Water Club...jump. That place is amazing and they treated us like princesses. I highly recommend it.

How freakin' funny is Teresa with her wardrobe for a month when we are only spending 2 days there? She is too funny. I swear I love that girl. I know I like to say that this show is "enhanced" reality, but that is 100% Teresa. Bringing 5 pairs of shoes for every outfit...20 different jewelry options...and the list goes on. I really want that girls closet, and I'll take her body too while we're at it.

I had such a great time in AC. No drama, just fun! My girlfriend Pam who came with us is a new friend, but a good one. She and I hit it off right away because we both love the same things. We love pretty clothes, great food and our homes. We lunch, shop and laugh...our relationship is light-hearted and fun. So there - I do let new people in. Don't give me a reason not to like you and I will be your friend forever.

I am glad my sister Caroline came with us, she never does things like that..."hang with the girls." I think it's healthy for women to have their girlfriends to giggle and shop and just relax with. I strongly believe in being well rounded for true happiness and girlfriend time is important. I am so glad we went, we had a great time and got away from all the DRAMA!

I'm sorry if it looked like we were giving Jacqueline the "old tomato" (ultimatum.) I don't care about someone's past. I was really upset about how her friendship with Danielle was affecting our relationship. That's all. How could it not? Here is a friend of hers trying to destroy me any way she could. I was getting frustrated, to say the least. It was an awkward situation for both of us. I'm thinking we both wish we could turn back the time and replay this summer a little differently. You'll have to watch what happens there.

Lexi's home! (Well, she has been home for awhile now, but that's the magic of TV.) I really saw things clearly while she was away. I love my daughter so much and she is my world. I am realizing that before I know it, she will be out of the house and I can't get these precious years back. I'm starting to see that my career may have to take a back seat for a while. I could always pick up where I left off when she is 18 and off in college. I still have my days while she is in school to dabble, but I really want my nights and weekends that are usually spent at events back. Let's see what happens!

That kid could shop! LOL. I feel badly that she filled her void and shopped so much while she was away. Believe me, I've been there. I buy things now because I love them, but there was a time back in the day before my first divorce that I would shop to fill a void. That is never healthy. I hope I can teach her not to do that. You just wind up with a bunch of junk. I have a storage unit filled with my past void and I will soon be having a sale to benefit my charity. It's been sitting in boxes for over 10 years and it's time to get rid of it all.

I guess this little wise ass didn't fall far from the tree in buying her mother a "shoe whore" t-shirt...LOL.

I almost died when I saw it, but I have to blame myself, I often refer to myself as a shoe whore. Hey, it's better than being just a whore! LOL. Things could be worse! And please don't call PETA or animal dyfus on me for trying the ladybug costume on Gramma Wrinkle. We normally don't dress the cats...well, maybe on Halloween. We just can't help ourselves. I will post a picture on my Facebook of Grandma dressed as a chicken this past Halloween. It was HILARIOUS!

BUBBIES! First of all, how cute is Joe? He truly loves his wife and family. It really warms my heart to watch the Giudice family together. They are such good people. I am glad Teresa and I did this show together because I think it has made our friendship even better than it was before. I guess the bubbies worked because Teresa and Joe are expecting another beautiful baby this September. I can't wait to find out what it is. Whatever it is, boy or girl, I know that it is one lucky baby to have a Mommy like Teresa. I wonder if they had any "preplay" before making the baby? I swear, again, you can't write this stuff!

This week the Laurita's are welcoming a new baby into the family. Jacqueline is having our nephew on Thursday and we can't wait to meet the little munchkin. Babies are such blessings and can make a lot of nonsense go away. I hope it does just that. Enough of this drama and back to the basics: Family. : )

xoxo Dina

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