No More Drama

No More Drama

Teresa talks about her much-needed A.C. getaway.

Thank you all for visiting! I am so excited to share my fun and fabulous accessories with each of you!

I'll start with the trip to Atlantic City. It was very hard for me to leave my daughters, but I'm glad I went. It was a great getaway with the girls to The Water Club at the Borgata. If anyone hasn't been there, they should definitely check it out. The staff treated us like queens - they were amazing! We spent the weekend shopping, laying out by the pool, gambling, going out to was a much-needed vacation, and the best part was that there was NO DRAMA! I brought back great gifts for my girls and they we're thrilled. They were in good hands with their Daddy while I was away. I'm glad they get to spend time with their father; I think it's important for them to have some quality daddy-daughter time together.

Now after seeing me my in the leopard bathing suit, you can tell why I got bubbies!

Caroline's workout with her kids was great - Caroline looks amazing. I loved Albie's kick, and my husband loved it too (especially because he's a black belt!) It was so cute to see Caroline working out with her family.

Hooray for Ashley, she finally got good grades! I'm sure Jacqueline and Chris are very proud of her. I'm also happy for Dina - Lexi's finally home, safe and sound!

Danielle, according to your daughters, Steve wasn't the only guy in the picture. They listed a few names... it seems like your goodies are handed out everywhere.

As always thanks so much for watching! Love, love, love you guys!

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