S13 - E13

Messes and Bridesmaid Dresses

Finally home, the ladies reflect back on their Ireland trip with mixed emotions. Danielle wants to let Melissa know what tea was spilled, but Jennifer hopes she’ll keep it tight-lipped until after Tre and Louie say “I do.” Melissa feels her relationship with Teresa has hit a brick wall and is ready to give up for good. Rachel and John meet with an attorney and are informed of a worrisome roadblock in the adoption journey. Frank finally gets to catch up with Dolores over lunch and gets teary-eyed when discussing the changes in their relationship. Teresa takes her daughters to a bridesmaid dress fitting, where they receive an unexpected call from a certain ex-husband. At Teresa’s surprise bridal shower, the ladies try pushing down any rising tensions.

Aired: 05/02/2023
TV-14 |