Dina talks fashion week, where she stands with Danielle, and "Zen Jen."


I did NOT like watching this week's episode, too many sad faces and awkward situations with the kids. I don't even want to comment on it. Many scenes made me uncomfortable. Does anyone like to watch that? Just wondering.

As far as my portion of the show, I am obligated to comment so here it goes.

Let me first start by saying that I didn't go to Gia's fashion show because of personal reasons, NOT because I didn't want to run into Danielle. I don't know why Teresa would say that. If that's what she thought I feel bad, that was not the case.

A few days before this shoot Danielle had filmed at my ex-sister in law's salon after I had asked her to STAY AWAY FROM MY DAUGHTERS FAMILY several times, (she promised she would) so I WAS pretty upset with Danielle at the time, but that wouldn't keep me from celebrating Gia's accomplishment.

Ultimately I am glad that Lexi will not be in this season, but it was very hard for me to film without her at times. I felt bad going to see Gia without Lexi, she was at a slumber party and wasn't due to come home until early afternoon. Our call for the shoot was changed the night before to early morning and I wasn't about to just leave and have Lexi figure out how she would get home. My daughter has and ALWAYS WILL come first. It was also weighing on my mind that even though Lexi was perfectly fine with not being filmed this year, times like this when the other kids get to experience once in a lifetime opportunities due to their affiliation with the show may have made Lexi feel bad or left out. She never said anything about it, but she's a kid and I'm sure that it crosses her mind. It was just best that I stayed behind and spend the day with her.


I am SO proud of Gia, she ROCKED the catwalk as I knew she would. I just need to have a little talk with her about the "I'm too pretty to work comment"... LOL. I'm sure her Mama already spoke with her, but it wouldn't hurt hearing it again from Aunt Dina. I do think that she was just being cute and didn't mean it. She has heard us talk about Danielle saying that in the past.

As far as where I did stand with Danielle at this point, I quickly started to figure out that even though I was trying my best to give Danielle a chance, there were too many areas of my life that were being affected by still having her around in any way. My friends and family didn't like her and I was NOT about to fight with them over her. She was also causing tension between Lexi's family and myself, AND on top of that, I was hearing things that were really pissing me off. Jacqueline I'm sure will fill you in all of that. There were also many other invites from her and it was getting so hard to keep turning her down without the fear of her going nuts like she did last year when I didn't want to "hang" with her. I had told her that I wanted to take things slow and I needed time. She was pushing for a friendship that I wasn't ready for or even knew if I wanted.

I went to my friend "Zen Jen" as we call her for advice. (Visit Jen at to learn more about what she does. If you purchase anything from her give her the code "ladybug" and I will make sure that a donation is made to Project Ladybug with your purchase. She is also the designer that I purchased Jacqueline's fertility bracelet from last year.) Jen suggested that I meet with Danielle to tell her face-to-face how I felt. Ummm that is definitely an interesting meeting. You will have to tune in for that one and after that I will make it all VERY clear what went wrong and when. Put it this way, the restaurant that we filmed at could have used a good "smudging" after we left. Yes, I do believe in the power of smudging and clearing the air of negative energy with dry sage. Like I said, even if it doesn't physically do anything it makes you believe that it does and in return you feel better. When you feel and think good, you only attract more good into your life. Our minds are a VERY powerful tool. Use them wisely and only for good not EVIL ; ) (How many times did I say "good" in that paragraph? LOL)


And Danielle, I'm sorry if you are not happy with me "talking to myself" in my kitchen. I was trying to stay away from the negative talk that was going around about you. Maybe next time I should just join in. Would that make you happy? Now I'm JUST SAYIN'...

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'Til next week
Dina xoxo

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