You Eat, You Drink, You Pay

You Eat, You Drink, You Pay

Jacqueline clears up a few misconceptions about the trip to Italy, commends Caroline for confronting Danielle, and more.

Hello again! Let's start today with a hug and a kiss, XO! I love you all for your part in making our show a huge success. We had a great season. We really do appreciate all your support. I'm sending my best wishes to you all as my thank you. I have enjoyed you all so much. Even when you're mean, you're funny. You have all entertained me as I have entertained you. I have listened to you and your constructive criticism and have taken your advice at times so I also thank you for that as well.

I KNOW I screwed up the Lyrics to "La Bamba" last week in my blog. It was my OWN version of it. I KNOW it was even improper Spanish. I KNOW! I KNOW! LOL! We used to sing it like, "Yo no soy mas dinero" when I was younger and I have just sort of stuck with it. You all were so funny trying to politely correct me on those lyrics. LOL. Thank you. I appreciate your efforts in wanting to teach me the correct lyrics as well. I'm just a little goofy.

Last week was the finish to our Italy trip. Despite how it looked, it really was a lot of fun. We had a great time over all. In response to Teresa's blog, I know we all had to take our bags and check out but if you remember correctly, the rest of us left our bags in our room for someone that was bringing them down for us but your family insisted on bringing your bags with you. Nothing wrong with that AT ALL, it was just more of a hassle for you to deal with. THAT is all I was talking about. We were all leaving the boat that day.

As far as what you said about Caroline, I don't get it. You were there, you know how much she loves you and your children. A lot of those "faces" you saw, had to do with the annoyance of filming, waiting for everybody and having those cameras with us during our "vacation" and was not necessarily about you and your kids. You should know that. You took it to the blogs so I'm just responding back in the blogs. (Call me, you know I love you!)

When I said, "You eat, you drink, you pay," I was actually acting as if I was the hotel clerk in response to Joe's mother yelling, "You see-ah-my-face (as she circles her face with her finger) you no see me NO MORE!" Hilarious!

It turns out that their bill was so high because her kids were pulling everything out of the minibar in the hotel room to play store. Each time they picked an item up, they got charged for it. Imagine how many times they did that. LOL! They didn't know. They were just innocently playing.

Getting back home always feels good but knowing the drama we still had to face was a little unsettling. I have this OCD thing whenever I travel anywhere that I have to do all my laundry and unpack before I go to bed. I can't help it. You saw the beginnng of that.

What did you all think of the finale! Intense, wasn't it? Imagine our surprise watching it for the first time seeing what was going on both sides. Eeks! Tensions were really high as we waited for Caroline's details at our family dinner at the Brownstone. Everyone was getting very anxious. I still don't understand why Ashley and I were fighting, but I'm just glad its over. No matter what kind of stress, or argument or crisis temporarily upsets a family, in the end, when it counts, a family will always be there for each other because of the love that is genuinely there. That is a great comforting feeling. It doesn't matter how big or how small your family is either. I think everyone should appreciate the family they have.

I really appreciate Caroline's efforts to step up and end all the fighting and drama on behalf of our entire family. It was especially amazing coming from Caroline who tried to stay out of the drama all season while being forced into watching it escalate right before her eyes. I think everyone had about enough by then and we were looking for some kind of resolution. There were no apologies expected, just an attempt to make an agreement to agree to disagree and go our separate ways in peace. Did it get to that point? Did it end that way? Not so much. Maybe the reunion will give us another chance to end it that way ... Maaaaybe. I can't wait for you all to watch and hear your reactions to it. See you next week. XOXO! Ciao for now!

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