Caked On

Caked On

Caroline will certainly never forget Greg's birthday.

Hey, guys! Here we are again, moving right along. We are at Episode 11 already, I hope you’ve been enjoying them!

This week was fun, I loved watching all the little kids screaming and laughing at Antonia’s birthday party. I also enjoyed the scenes with Melissa and Gia dancing, they were both working towards a goal and enjoying themselves in the process.

Lauren and I have searched all over for the perfect spot for Cafface Beauty Bar. What you saw was one of the many storefronts we looked at. We looked in Hoboken, Wayne, Wyckoff, Little Falls, Montclair, Ramsey, and so on, and so on. We finally found a home for ourselves in good old Franklin Lakes, NJ. We traveled all over the place to wind up in our own backyard; it just goes to show you, there’s no place like home! Lauren is doing amazing and the store is gorgeous. Oh, and the name? We didn’t change it, stick with me on this one, the concept is very original and lots of fun.

So, what did you think of Lindsey? I absolutely adore her. She’s the cutest little thing and is very, very sweet. She loves my son and that makes me happy. Lauren and Lindsey get along great, as is always the way with the boys’ girlfriends. And she’s telling the truth when she says she gets too attached to most of the girls the boys bring home. I swear, sometimes it feels like we’re going through the break up too when it happens. I don’t know, I’m tired of getting my heart broken; I’m too old for this! I can’t wait until they both find the person that makes them finally want to settle down. As for Albie and Lindsey, keep watching…Greg was so happy when he walked into the bar and saw all his friends there. I can’t believe Lauren and Jacqueline pulled off the surprise! We had a really great time that night, and I love that you saw the scene of Christopher getting smashed in the face with the cake too. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Greg laugh that hard. I laughed all over again as I watched. Christopher was a good sport about it, and it’s one of those nights we’ll always remember with a smile.

The Wakile dinner was nice, I’m glad Rosie feels comfortable bringing friends home to meet the family. Some people aren’t so lucky and that’s really sad. I hope those viewers who are skeptical continue to watch and have a better understanding of Rosie and my brother Jamie’s struggles and maybe, just maybe, we can begin to chip away at that dividing wall. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Love and let love.

Well I have to pack now, I’m going to Los Angeles for a couple of days with Lauren. It’s 3pm and the car is coming at 4 -- I still haven’t packed and have no clue what I’m bringing. Nothing like a little pressure!

See you next week, guys! Thanks for watching!

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