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F--- It!

Episode 19:'s Associate Editor is obsessed with Heather and her wisdom.

By Andrew Herrmann

No. 3 - The Cousin Connection

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Who would have thought that Teresa would end up going to Kathy with her problems after all their issues last season? But lo and behold, here they are having lunch and talking about old times. Blood is clearly thicker than any Punta Cana argument in big sun hats.

Kathy is understandably a little hesitant. Is she reaching out only because of her falling out with Caroline and Jacqueline? But she does make a good point: "Sometimes you need to really feel like you're alone to realize what's important." When you look at it that way, it does make sense. And who wouldn't run to the woman made of porcelain, rainbows, and a child's laughter for some TLC? I'm rooting for these two, mostly because they really need to have a kitchen collaboration. It would be an unstoppable Gorga cooking force!

Side note: I love when they flash old pictures of the Jersey 'Wives, mostly because their hair is always fantastic.

Teresa Needs Kathy on Her Side
No. 2 - Why Did I Get Married?

The Manzo brothers always manage to get right at the essence of all the drama on the show. Kind of like a modern-day answer to the Greek chorus. As Chris and Albie watch Teresa and Jacqueline go back and forth, they offered up their best guesses as to what was being said. My favorite conjecture being:

"If you were really mad at me, you'd throw a table at my face, right?"

But however nonsensical their fictional conversation was, it did bear similarities to what was actually said in that their was no resolution.

This scene did raise a bigger issue though -- has the show turned Albie and Chris into eternal bachelors? The constant fighting between all the women has left them thinking that they never want to get married. Something tells me Caroline (and the single ladies of New Jersey) aren't about to let that happen.

Makes the Manzo Bros Not Want to Get Married
No. 1 - F--- It!

I love Heather. I don't know who this woman is or where she came from (I'm not completely sure anyone else at the party did either), but she is a delight. Jacqueline was all broody after her talk with Teresa, but then in comes this ray of semi-drunken sunshine like a guardian angel sent from above. She wobbled her way right into Jacqueline's face and shared such winning platitudes as:

"Girl, you just gotta let it go."

"You like take on everyone's problems, and I want you to stop doing that."

"You're not a goddamn psychiatrist!"

All I can say is Heather was full of two things that evening: wisdom and tequila.

But that was all just buildup to what has surely become everyone's mantra by now: "F--- it!" Yes, with these two words Heather managed to turn Jacqueline's frown upside down and get her to take shots. (I'm totally using that the next time someone's being a Debbie Downer while we're at a party.)

I wouldn't be surprised if those two left the party and got matching "F--- it!" tattoos on their wrists. Or at the very least ordered some Domino's and fell asleep watching late-night infomercials and planning a line of "F--- it!" t-shirts.

Side note: Did anyone else think she bore a striking resemblance to Gina Gershon?

Drunk but Not Wrong
Next week Rosie has a heart to heart with Teresa. If anyone can make things right between Teresa and her family, it's Rosie!
Rosie Confronts Teresa
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