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A Real 'Rockstar'

Melissa dishes on her new song, the beach house bash, and all the tabloid talk.

By Melissa Gorga

Hi, everyone! Wow, was that the wedding of the century or what? When this was shot I had only met Jaime one time before, so I was not invited to the wedding, but that was one event no one would want to miss. It was simply beautiful, and they didn’t overlook a single detail.
I thought Caroline’s speech was perfect, and you could see she was nervous and wanted it to be perfect for her brother. I don’t know about you, but I love to see the vulnerable side of Caroline.  She’s a strong woman, so we don’t see it much, but I do like when she shows us her softer side. The love Jaime and Rich have for one another is unbelievable and to see them tear up the way they did during their vows was so touching. I’m proud that Bravo shared their story and Rosie's story with all of you. See, it's not all drama all the time!

Thoughts and Emotions

Well there is always some drama sprinkled in, and this episode it was of course over another tabloid.  Remember, when these episodes were shot last summer, I was trying to move on from the horrible place Teresa and I had been in a couple years back. I see the In Touch magazine covers Teresa does, and yes, I don’t like that they mention me in a negative way, but I think the viewers are smart enough to realize that you can’t believe everything you read. I guess in her mind, there is a difference between what she is willing to share with the tabloids for money and what she will share with her friends and family. Please take note, if there are constantly stories in the tabloids, the show is going to address it. If you don't want these issues to be brought up on the show, then don't address them in the tabloids.   Coming on the show was a decision Joe and I made. I’ve been on the show for almost two years now, and I think it’s time for her to let it go. I didn’t come on to ruin her. Are you seeing me do anything to ruin her? I’ve had multiple chances to talk about her personal issues, the bankruptcy, the marriage rumors, etc. and I don’t. How can she not see that? I’m sorry Teresa has such an issue with me, but it’s time she moves on and gets over it like she said she has.

I think Teresa needs to realize that this is not her show, it's Bravo's. The name of the show is The Real Housewives of New Jersey, not The Teresa Show.
There is a reason for everything. She is on the show because Jacqueline recommended her to be on. Does Jacqueline torture her every day for it? NO. I think it's safe to say that if I was on the first season and the show came to her to invite her on as well she would NOT have said no. It's easy for her to say she wouldn't have signed on, because that's all she can point to when she’s trying to turn people against me.
Teresa's financial issues were already out in the open and the tabloid covers and "posed pictures" were already happening well before we joined the show. Teresa’s thing is her cookbooks, I would never dream of writing one or trying to take that from her. I know some people try to say we are similar, but we are VERY different people and I'm not trying to live her life.Regardless of what Teresa says about our relationship before RHONJ, there was a time that BOTH of us were being very vindictive to each other. I won’t deny that, but since joining the show, I haven’t taken opportunities to throw her troubles in her face, and that’s not how I want to be, even now when things are awful between us. Teresa constantly brings up the fact that I joined the show "behind her back" and that Danielle and I were in contact. I said this last year and will say it again: When I was pregnant with Joey, Danielle reached out to me on Facebook after I posted about the Christmas cookie incident. Yes, I did talk to her. For some reason I felt sorry for her watching how Teresa went after her, and I did vent to her about my issues with Teresa. This was all addressed already at the Season 3 reunion. It was well over three years ago and since then I thought that we were working to get to a better place, but I guess I have moved on and she has not. Teresa holds grudges like no other, and I can’t control that. She has to decide her family is important enough to her and let it go.
What’s starting to confuse me now is that you will start to see some pretty amazing times between me and Teresa. I don’t want to spoil too much, but I really enjoyed her company at the time and didn’t do it with any other motives. I hope it was the same for her. 
The issues going on between her and Jacqueline and Caroline have nothing to do with me. It’s pretty obvious they are upset with her for their own reasons. I will say that there definitely is a sense of reality that is missing lately with the fake dogs and all the other nonsense stories. Teresa doesn’t ever have to worry about me taking anything from her, she loses her credibility all by herself.
It's Frickin' Jealousy!
What you will see if you pay attention is that Teresa is trying to take me down every chance she gets. She is attacking my character, my marriage, my looks. What she is claiming is happening to her is quite the opposite. There goes that projection again. Thankfully most of you can see that, and all we can do is pray for her and hope she opens her eyes and takes a look at what’s really important.
During this episode, I see my husband Joe doing nothing but putting his two feet forward and also trying to move on with his sister. He is trying his hardest to convince her that they need to do something to fix it. Everyone is trying to move on from the past. It’s funny how Teresa says to Jacqueline at the wedding that therapy brings up the past and she doesn’t want to bring up the past, she wants to start fresh. Well then please do it, Teresa! It’s time to move on. I also noticed she said to Jacqueline that she won’t go against her husband. Her exact words were, “It’s not going to happen.” Well then why do you get on your brother for siding with his wife? Everything is OK for Teresa, but not for anyone else. I wish I could let her know that constantly lying to try to convince everyone that I’m a bad person is only going to give her temporary satisfaction. In the long run actions speak louder than words or written words that someone else writes for you. I am trying to move on, but quite honestly she is making it impossible.
Teresa and Therapy?
I have a beautiful life and have so many things that make me happy. I just look at Joe and the kids and I glow. I’m so sick of all this nonsense. If Teresa ever comes to us and says she needs us, we will be there. But she hasn’t. I’m a smart girl and I can figure out why she is doing this. I said it in my first blog on Bravo and it remains true to this day. Teresa likes to be the center of attention. Be beneath her or get the hell out of her way. I refuse to let her walk all over me, disrespect me or my family, and that's the real issue.
OK, enough of this talk I’m getting a headache. Let's move onto something else without all the drama -- my shore house! I’m so happy our shore house was finally done! Joe did an incredible job. We always have such a great time down there. We swim, we eat, we go on the wave runners, we drink, we catch crabs in the bay and make them with garlic sauce, and most importantly we spend a lot of time with the kids and just enjoy each other.
Melissa's Jersey Shore Crib
This is what life is about, being with your closest friends and family. This is really who Joe and I are, just fun happy people who love life. I’m so glad you get to see how much we love being with our family. I love that you got to see my dad’s two brothers and his sister on this episode. You probably don’t know which ones they were, but they were there partying with us. I love them so much, and it just goes to show you how close my family is. My mother still hangs out with my dad’s sister every single day. They are best friends.
I want to thank all my family and my amazing fans for your support with my music. Do you love my new single ROCKSTAR?! When I wrote it I just wanted it to be about having fun, partying, dancing, and just forgetting about the stress. I hope you listen to it all summer long and just have a good time when you do! This is what makes me tick. I feel so blessed that I have an opportunity to share the love I have for music with all of you. Enjoy it!
ROCKSTAR is on iTunes right now! Go and get it! Here’s the link:
I also posted a new blog on my website about The View appearance we did last week. All my other appearances that are coming up are on there too! I hope to meet you at one of them!
Follow me on Twitter @melissagorga and on Facebook for the scoop!
Lots of Love,

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