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RHONJ Twitter Recap

Teresa Giudice shares some of the tweets she received about the show.

By Teresa Giudice

Quick, Lauren Manzo get some paper and start taking notes! I'm going to admit it right now: I'm not writing my Bravo blog all by myself this week! I'm actually going to turn it over to the viewers, the fans, the people who stick by all of us week after week, year after year, and to whom we owe everything, whether we always agree with them or not...

@ArleneTomasetti So far tonight we have heard @carolinemanzo &@kathywakile speak of fans as crazies. But they like the paychecks we generate!

Everyone was twittering about the reunion last night from Jersey Shore Deena to Eva Longoria and Glamour magazine! So I went through my Twitter timeline and pulled out the comments that best say what I would say. And I put them in little categories to make it easier for Melissa and Lauren and all the other ladies to read and save for the next reunion.

Oh, and in honor of reformed bully Perez Hilton, who I got to see at his last performance of Newsical with Dina this week, I've written captions on some of the photos from the reunion. Enjoy!

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BlogPic6.jpg@AllAboutTRH Damn, I wish I could take over Teresa's body and talk for her. I'd set everyone straight

@plainviewsue The problem is Tre gets very overwhelmed & cant express herself. Other ladies take advantage.

@jeleanne3 you know what...its effing HARD being teamed up on by 4 women. I give you credit Teresa you are strong.

@DebbieCaplanPR After watching these Women conspire against Teresa 2yrs, I'd be out of my mind as well. Shame on them.

@BayneeG U did a great job last night while being attacked by 2 ex friends and 3 family members. Wow! Ur my hero.

@OfficialHopeK Proud of Teresa for regretting her treatment of Danielle

@s_bonoan love you T! I stand by you 100%! Wish I could sit on the couch next to you and fight those bitches with you.

Thank you! Here's your chance! Starting now, at the top:


@RealityTVBits Don Caro needs instance where she bullied Teresa? Here's 2: Hot tub/vacation scene & the scene on Wacko Jac-O's deck&Caro popped up

@collins328 Caroline, let me answer for Teresa: You have bullied, backstabbed, and betrayed T all season n u turned Jac against her

@AllAboutTRH CAROLINE-you bashed Teresa THE WHOLE DAMN SEASON! You spoke badly about her every single episode

@RealityTVBliss Why is Caroline giving family advice to Teresa about 15 min of fame & family while she is on the outs with her family?

@plainviewsue How dare Caro tell Tre she will be all alone. Half of Caro's siblings don't talk to her

@uarethequeen Caroline, were you sad that dina was on the show talking about you? were you disgusted? NOW YOU KNOW HOW TERESA feels (just times 1000)

@JuIieB Dina was on 1 episode. Teresa's family have been on 4 TWO seasons. Ur hurt because of a 60 sec. clip? #EnoughAlready

@Chuck_84 COME ON!! Caroline, all due respect. Melissa came on hating Teresa. Dina and Teresa were friends for ages! #different

@QuantumLeaper12 Caroline miserable miserable in her life, she has to blame Teresa 4 problems with her siblings. Problems existed long b4 TG came along.

@AngiGrrrl Teresa, I do think you were a victim of editing to a certain extent because you are sitting next to Caroline Manzo and aren't dead.ABOUT MY JOE

@HouswivesHodown I just like that Joe Giudice seems like the only one who doesn't change when the cameras come around lol.

@realilanaangel If Juicy cheated those bitches would have sold their stories to the Enquirer by now. Give it up Jac you pathetic cow.

@LindsNitz LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that Joe told Jacqueline to go have her head examined. & Told Melissa to shut up. LMAO LOVE #RHONJ


First, from Kathy herself:

@KathyWakile: Yeh @RosiePierri that just burns her ass !! #unbreakable !!!”

@jenbradleylopez They are bragging they are unbreakable when they played a hand in tearing Joe&Teresa (bro&sis) apart.

@Jhariss_225 Finally get to see the REAL Kathy Wakile. And this bish is not all sprinkles & pound cake. More so like devil's food.

@NeNeLeakes Didn't Kathy bring up Teresa's father first? I'm just tryin 2 understand chile

@Real_Housewives Kathy: "Tre's mom is a liar & father a coward" .... So Tre wasn't supposed to get upset about that? Those are fighting words

@Brindle_Girly Why couldn't Rosie come out to her niece and nephew until recently? That makes no sense...other than Kathy did not accept her being gay.

@realilanaangel I'm guessing Kathy was a bitch when Rosie came out.

@highpitchmike Rosie, the threats of violence are sickening. No matter what is said... A step backwards for the LGBT community

@Tyga1985 Happy to see the real Kathy in all her glory. I was a fan b4 but not anymore. I think she tricked us the most.

@JuIieB The only reason Kathy apologized 4calling Teresa's mother a liar was because Andy said 2 leave the moms out of it.

@GregsLooseHole Only Katfish would apologize & say is that too much for u to understand. #JACKHOLE With family like that, I'd ask Santa to be orphanABOUT MELISSA

@jaymohr37 For the record @melissagorga tonight told me to blog negative things about @Teresa_Giudice books and businesses. #fact #sad

@AllAboutTRH Forget singing! Melissa sure can ACT! Did you see her try her hardest to tear up?

@NicoleSchinelli CANNOT believe Melissa jus said she's movin bc she doesnt want her kids going2school w/ their cousins! SICKENING!

@plainviewsue Apparently, they wouldnt even be in the same school. I thought what Melissa said about her nieces was disgusting.

@RHONJRanter Melissa giving that BULLS--- excuse as to why she's moving. No, whore, you're moving because you owe $2million.

@jenbradleylopez Tre has said it before,Melissa uses the kids against Teresa.She did it last night fake tears doesnt want T's kids to gang up on Antonia?WOW

@jenbradleylopez Melissa doesnt want her kids to go to school with Teresa's?Ur the shoplifting,lesbian,ex stripper with a warrant,wat r u worried about?

@realilanaangel Strippers are people too! So are whores! Bless them all.

@khyliek she sat last week and allowed kathy to rip apart her in laws that she soooo loves and her neice makes me angry

@lukemckibben people are so one sided. Did u see How melissa said nothing to kathy about calling T mom and dad a lair.. Ummm hello thats her inlaws

@LindsNitz For Serious, Melissa why don't you want Joe & Teresa to have a relationship? They both want it.

@AllAboutTRH Next week looks CRAZY my heart breaks for Teresa crying for Joe Gorga. I'm convinced Mel is evil bc she's happy about this

@LysaSimpson Can u imagine watching this BS for at least 8 years #enoughisenough

[Lysa Marco-Simpson's July 23, 2009 post on Teresa Giudice Facebook FAN page:
“spent the weekend with teresa and the kids at her shore house! was so much fun with all the starstruck people asking for pictures at the beach. then we went to her house for spaghetti!”]

@donnamarco1 NOBODY WANTS TO BE YOU!!!!!!

@Maggs1221 Did anyone catch how Melissa hesitantly gave up her seat next to Andy when Teresa went back to couch after Kathy apologized? LMAO!


@country__grl when Melissa "wrote" that song she wasn't even on tv yet! Hello narcissism.

@ItsMeBelle557 Melissa laughs at Teresa saying that song is about her. she's the one who wrote about paparazzi b4 anyone knew who she was-now THATS funny!

@LindsNitz It is about Teresa's fame & how Melissa wanted it. #OnDisplay

@AllAboutTRH T says Mel sounds good then Mel says she doesn't want to hear it? no matter what Teresa does, it'll never be right

I just can't put anything here. She has enough of a Twitter problem, and enough problems as it is. God Bless.


@TheFauxMilaniaG weird how "God Bless" has become code for "I f---ing hate your guts" #RHONJ

@favAuntJulie I find it odd that Teresa's kids, her marriage, & her legal troubles are part of the plot line, yet none of the others' are

@plainviewsue Only their marriage gets scrutinized. Only their financils get scutinized. See a pattern

@GregsLooseHole Everyone else's clip was about their accomplishments, the Giudices get this crap.

@HousewifeClown Everybody gets mad when their marriages are on display. But they love talking about Teresas marriage. They love it!

@mdtjohnson Teresa, love the show but I can't stand how everyone is treating you right now(well last year) I hope it has gotten better

@AlexJamesTweets Teresa, Stay true 2 urself. We "The Fans" Love u for u. Not what is said on TV about u.

@NaomiS777hawaii stay strong Teresa. Pray for the others on the show & God will take care of the situation.

Thank you -- for seeing everything, for making me laugh, for supporting me, for making me a better person! I love, love, love you! Follow me on Twitter @Teresa_Giudice, as you can see, I read it all! And check out my website for my latest pictures, news, appearance schedule, and information about Milania Hair Care, Fabellini, PearlBrite, my books, NephCure, and everything good and wonderful in my life!

Tanti Baci,
Teresa xx


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