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Rosie is All Heart

Caroline thinks that Rosie really got through to Teresa and Joe.

By Caroline Manzo

Hello and Happy Pride! I hope you all enjoyed your Sunday. Mine was busy, but fun; life is good.

Another week has passed and the drama amongst the group is still a major presence in the show. Rosie was compelled to have a conversation with Joe and Teresa, hoping to help mend their relationship. I felt bad as I watched -- Rosie is all heart, and her frustration and hurt came through loud and clear as she spoke to her cousins. I think she managed to break the wall down a bit, good for her. Apparently there is talk of a retreat in the air, hold on folks, hold on!!!

Lift Each Other Up!
Nicholas is improving every day, but the process to recover him is at times frustrating and heartbreaking to watch. Jacqueline and Chris have dedicated themselves to getting Nick the best team of teachers and therapists available to help them, and our little man Nick is up to the challenge. Although there are moments of frustration and sadness, there are so many moments of joy and excitement too. I can't tell you how many times we've received a group text from Jacqueline with a video of Nick singing a song or saying a new word. We love them, God bless our little Nick and keep the videos coming, Jac!

Al is slowly but surely finding his comfort zone in Hoboken. He's grown to love the apartment, but isn't 100% sure that he's ready to make the move. Neither am I, so for now, we're just floating back and forth and one of these days we'll make a decision.

The kids are working hard, and I sometimes worry that they don't take time to enjoy themselves. I'm all for sacrifice, hard work, and dedication, but I also think that we all need a little down time now and then to relax and enjoy life. Lauren is still with Vito and both my boys are always keeping me guessing regarding their dating life. I think I like it better this way, saves me a lot of stress! Regardless, they've grown up in an environment where Dad worked six days a week, 16 hours a day. To them, that's normal. Newsflash, that's not normal, but it's worked for us because we found a way to make it work. I don't want that lifestyle for my kids, I want them to stop and smell the roses once in a while. Find the balance, there's a way to have both.Richie and Kathy are a great couple. He loves her to death and I think his bark is worse than his bite. Actually, I don't even think he has a bite, he's all talk! Working together on this new venture is something very new to them, and they are finding their way through trial and error. Nothing wrong with that at all, I'm sure there'll be plenty of spats but in the end all will be fine. I'm happy for Kathy, I applaud her for following her passion and I know she will be successful in her cannoli business. I've had them and they're great!
Bringing Business into Marriage

That's it for now, as always, thank you for watching, we appreciate each and every one of you!

Also, HUGE thanks to all that have purchased my book, Let Me Tell You Something. I love hearing your feedback, THANK YOU!Follow us on Twitter/Facebook: @carolinemanzo, @albiemanzo, @laurenmanzo, @chris_manzo, @cafface, @blkbeverages, @thebrownstoneNJ

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See you next week! xo
Teresa Dares You to Retreat

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