Wanting Peace for the Gorgas and Giudices

Wanting Peace for the Gorgas and Giudices

Caroline explains why she didn't want to go on the retreat with the rest of Teresa's family.

Oh well, here we are again. Another week has come and gone, and we find ourselves back where we left off last week.

Jacqueline and I declined the invitation to Lake George hoping that our absence would allow everyone to focus on the family mending with no distractions. There's no denying that there was unfinished business between Teresa and Jacqueline, but I really believed it was the best decision for us to stay behind. After watching tonight's episode, I'm glad we did. Tensions and emotions were high and the last thing they needed was to have us around to complicate things.

On a completely different subject, I can't believe I actually crossed that little bridge over the Great Falls. Al has been trying to get me to walk over that bridge for over thirty years. The problem with that is I'm absolutely terrified of heights and that bridge is HIGH and narrow and long. No, thank you! Al was born and raised in Paterson, and he likes to share the memories of growing up in the city that his father loved so much. How can I say no to his request when he asks me to do it for his father’s memory? The man knows me too well; time to put my big girl pants on! I was absolutely terrified, and it took we a few times to get my foot on that bridge and take my first step. Midway through I felt panic set in and I just took off in a run and wanted it to be over. Just in case you're reading this, Albert, I'm glad I did it, but listen to me here and now -- never again!!! P.S. I LOVE YOU!

Well, that's it for now. Let's all think positive thoughts for next week. I've got my fingers crossed for peace.

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