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Joe and Gia's Quality Time

Melissa was happy to see Joe bond with Gia.

By Melissa Gorga

Hi everyone. I had so much fun on WWHL last night. Elisabeth Moss is just as amazing in person as she is on screen. Always have a great time when we go to Andy’s Clubhouse! Thanks for all of your tweets. I love that you are liking the lighter hair.

Melissa Gorga: "I Have Teresa's Back"

On to the episode.
We had a blast at the NephCure Foundation fundraiser to support Matthew and his family. Matthew is an amazing kid, and anyone who can donate to this cause please do. It was the first time I did Zumba, and I absolutely loved it. I think we all did. How about the two Joes doing Zumba? They made cute dance partners, didn’t they? Maybe next time a waltz. Jacqueline has had so much stress lately, she deserved a break. Going to California was a sweet escape for her. I think Jacqueline is beautiful inside and out, and that she didn’t need a tummy tuck or neck lift. But I understand why she wanted to do it. We all have our insecurities. She wanted this surgery, so good on her for getting it. It was nice that she was able to spend time with her daughter and parents. Jacqueline and Ashlee are in great place now. I love how their relationship has evolved.
In other West Coast news, congrats to honorary Manzo, Greg, on his move to San Francisco. Greg had me at “hello.” We clicked from day one. He’s a funny, witty, charming guy. He’s doing really well out there and we wish him nothing but the best.
It was great to see Joe make an effort to spend some alone time with his niece. Honestly, I know it was hard for Joe to hear Gia say how hurt she was when our families weren’t speaking. Joe cares a lot about his niece. As a good uncle, he listened and let her express her feelings. He wasn’t about to state his case or defend his actions. That wasn’t the point. To mend their relationship, he had to bite his tongue.Gia hears and understands a lot. She acts very grown up, but she’s still a kid. At 12, she can’t truly understand the complicated issues of what went on over the last few years -- actually, for the last ten years -- between her parents and me and Joe. We’re all determined to put our hostile history behind us and move forward as a family. Joe and I believe that every child should idolize their parents. To that end, Joe told Gia that her parents were the best and that he was there for her anytime she needed her uncle.
Gia Knows What's Up

We are here for our nieces and always will be. I’m sure Teresa and Joe feel the same way about our children. If Zia Teresa wants to have one-on-one time with Antonia, she’d love it. Gino and Joey would love it too! Our door is always open. Next week’s episode, from the look of it, isn’t going to be as peace, love, and flowers as this one. I’m mentally preparing for it already!
Rumors Come Out

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