Melissa: "Teresa and I are in a Good Spot."

Melissa: "Teresa and I are in a Good Spot."

Melissa shares her thoughts on the end of the season.

Hi! The end of another season. Boy was it a long one! I just want to say thank you for sticking with us and enduring our ups and downs. We are a family. Although we can sometimes be petty and say stupid things, there is no denying that we love each other. We have good years and bad ones, but at the end of the day we stay united. This show will not go on forever, and when it's all said and done, we will still be together at our children's events, through difficult times, through good times, through everything. I know I've said Joe and I are unbreakable, well, so is this family.

Teresa and I are in a good spot and we want to remain that way. Would love for the fans and other people in our lives to see that and stay positive for us. I'm proud of our family. We have managed to move past the issues that were hurting us so much and are still working hard to never go back to that negative place again.

A special thank you to everyone who has supported Love Italian Style over the past few weeks. Joe and I love meeting you at the book signings and hearing your favorite parts of the book. “Never Let Me Go” is available on iTunes and I’m working on new music now! Keep checking in throughout the year to see what we are up to: Follow me on Twitter @MelissaGorga, Facebook, and Instagram.

Thanks for watching and I wish you all an amazing year.


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