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Teresa Aprea: Amber's Off Her Rocker

Teresa dishes on her #WWHL experience and Amber's gossip about her sister.

By Teresa Aprea

Hello Hello!

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This blog is a wee bit late because I was having so much fun with Andy Cohen in the Clubhouse Sunday night! I absolutely loved getting a chance to talk to our fans. I got so excited when my Twitter friends Aphrodite and Carlos, whom I love and adore, called in and actually got through. I thank all of you for calling, and for voting me your favorite twin, LOL! Even if it only was by one percent! Rino, my adorable hubby, was there bartending, and as usual you were able to see his fun loving personality. Always living on the edge with this man -- he keeps life fun! It was also great to have my son Giovanni, my nephew Joey, Mama Santa, Daddy Sal, Bobby, and my best friend, Dawn, in the audience. It was by far one of the most FUN, exhilarating nights ever! I want to say thank you so much, Andy, for having me and Nicole on WWHL! If you missed it, check it out here.

I loved watching our dinner with Joe and Teresa at Angelo’s with Nicole and Bobby -- it was wonderful getting to know them better. I honestly think it was so good for them to get out and enjoy a night out on the town. I stand by what Nicole and I were saying on WWHL that sometimes when someone is going through a rough time in life, the best thing you can do is help them have a little fun and laugh and hopefully take their minds off of things. 

In regards to Amber, all I can say is that you will continue to see her true colors and watch her unravel week after week. This chick is obviously off her rocker! I will not dignify her comments against Nicole by expounding upon her lies. Also I will be asking Teresa Giudice if she wouldn’t mind lending her dictionary to Amber so she can look up the word stalking. Amber evidently does not know the meaning of the word. Clearly my loyalty is with my sister, and I can’t help but defend her in next week’s episode against this ongoing drama storm that Amber has created. So next week’s first responder party at Bobby’s is definitely going to be explosive and in need of some first responders, LOL!

[video_clip_url:]Before I end my blog, I have to say how I absolutely loved seeing Rosie with my husband Rino and all the guys at the bowling alley! Rino took a liking to Rosie and all the hubbies from the start; they formed a bond from the beginning! Rino had a blast that night and it showed… I wished we could have seen even more of the fun that evening! Because when Rino came home, he had me hysterically laughing recapping the night with Rosie and all the guys!

Ciao for now! Thank you to all my fans (or as I like to say, my new friends) for all your kind words and love for me and Nicole! I am so grateful and blessed beyond words! As my friend Mikey would always say, I LOVE you all to the moon and back! A special shout out to a beautiful little girl named Abbey who has touched mine and Nicole’s heart! We are blessed to call her our new precious friend. Please everyone follow her on Twitter @abbeysAwareness -- she deserves our love and support!

Tanti Baci!

Love, Hugs, Kisses, and Many Blessings,

Teresa Aprea 


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