Teresa Aprea

Teresa, a resident of Colts Neck, NJ, is one half of a dynamic set of twins. Her twin sister, Nicole, is her best friend and together they exude positive energy, love, and are always ready for a party. Teresa lives with her husband, Rino, and their unbelievable son, Giovanni, 18. Teresa first married her husband Rino back in 1991, later divorced, and after 11 years apart did it all over again -- at a New Year’s Eve bash in 2010 they remarried in their home.

In her free time she helps her husband run their award-winning restaurants. They own Angelo’s of Mulberry Street (a true landmark, family-owned for years, and even Presidents have dined there). As of four years ago, they acquired Ponte Vecchio, in Bay Ridge, which they have renovated and designed with flare and phenomenal taste. It is the hottest restaurant and THE place to be seen in Brooklyn, always filled with characters!

Teresa loves to travel from one end of the globe to the next. She believes there is nothing better than traveling the world with family and meeting new and interesting people along the way. Her most memorable trip was a three and a half hour flight on the Concord to Paris, the city of lights and love, but more importantly the FASHION!

Teresa’s flare for fashion and unending amount of style are only overshadowed by her abundant amount of great energy and charisma. Fashion, energy, and personality make her a magnetic force that cannot be stopped. She loves planning amazing soirées and dinner parties with lots of friends and interesting people. 

Teresa is a strong and positive woman, who is all about love and having a good time with family and friends!