The 6 Sassiest Lines From RHONJ Season 7

The 6 Sassiest Lines From RHONJ Season 7

The Jersey crew isn't new to snapping back, but these Season 7 lines are truly unforgettable. 

By Kaeli Van Cott

As we end another season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, we want to take a moment to remember Season 7. Whether it's catty fights between Jacqueline and Melissa, Teresa's family drama or Siggy and Dolores' struggle to stay peacemakers, it's been one wild ride. In each and every episode, the Jersey girls do what they do best: show their sass. Check out these six memorable, sass-tastic moments from this season. 

1. Get me a car!


After getting a driver's license, it's hard not to want your own set of wheels. Siggy's son, Joshua, had no problem expressing that with her after he came back from his road test. Let's just say he was "bothered."

2. You bring in crumbs. I bring in the cake.

This season we watched Melissa and Joe Gorga clash over her busy work schedule. Even though she was hard at work with Envy, Joe makes it pretty clear that his ideas about work are a little different. 

3. We go to the same doctor, honey.

We all knew Jacqueline and Melissa were having issues, but during a dinner in Vermont, Jacqueline took it to another level. After calling Melissa fake and phony, Jacqueline claimed that she also had four nose jobs and ended it with this sly remark.

4. Are we talking just about the blondes? There's a lot of brunettes.

Kim D. is the queen of sassy comments, but this one really takes the cake. When addressing rumors of Joe cheating on Teresa, Kim D. went straight for her signature brutal honesty, even though Jacqueline and Dolores defended Teresa. As Dolores says, "You can't beat the DNA there."

5. I'm not your child. I didn't come out of your vagina.

When Teresa and Melissa arrived to the lunch Siggy set up, Jacqueline had her own plans in mind. Teresa didn't like Jacqueline's tone, and the lunch immediately gets hostile. This quote from Teresa's interview is golden.

6. Not my style.

At Dolores' housewarming party, Melissa decides not to give Jacqueline or Kim D. a fake hello and avoid them as much as possible. As she says in her interview, that's not her style.

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