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An Honest View

Advice for the ladies

By Jill Zarin

First I would like to say that I am so grateful and appreciative of all the support I have been receiving. I answer every email and look forward to getting to meet so many new people.

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I have not blogged up until now because I have a personal emergency in my family. One of our children has become gravely ill (not Allyson). He was admitted to the hospital by ambulance Tuesday night and has not improved. He is being transferred as we speak to another Hospital that has one of the best cardiac units in the country. He has a virus that has enlarged his heart and he is suffering terribly. We have only been home to shower over the last 48 hours. PLEASE pray for him. I know the power of hope and prayer is more powerful than anything.

I have read some of the blogs from the other ladies. All I have to say is, "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything." I try to live by this motto (though I am not perfect). I loved this episode. I think it really gave the viewer an honest view (good or bad) of who I am. I think the viewers can see what really happened regarding the cooking party. I wasn't upset that I wasn't invited, only that Ramona lied to LuAnn about where I was.

The viewers were introduced to my "gay husband" Brad. Brad and I met through friends a long time ago and we have a very close relationship. He works with me at Zarin Fabrics as our creative director and we have decorated some of the most beautiful homes in The Hamptons. Brad was also a makeup artist early in his career as well as a stylist, so if you don't like my clothes sometimes, blame him! Just kidding, I pick out most of my clothes but like to blame him for fashion mistakes anyway! As you get to know Brad you will grow to love him like I do.


I know that as the show progresses, the stories will unravel. I am so happy that you were able to see that Bobby and Ally do love and care about each other and yes, things are going well.

Lastly, I have had the most amazing response to the show. I have been recognized in stores but it really counted when I was in the emergency room with my stepson. Some of the nurses recognized me and took extra special care of us. I can't tell you what a wreck we were and that was exactly what we needed. Love and Care.

I haven't seen episode 3 yet, but if the previews are what I think the show is about, boy will you have fun watching!

Enjoy the show!

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