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Who Am I To Judge?

Recap drama and shout-outs galore!

By Jill Zarin

You called Alex out on wanting to be a socialite. Why do you think she disagrees with you and the other ladies on her ambitions?

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I was brought up by a mother who was always brutally honest. She made me who I am. I was receiving mixed messages from Simon and Alex. At the end of the day, when I am with them, they make me feel welcome and warm. I don't agree with some of their priorities or choices, but who am I to judge? I just say, "own it".

Ramona walked out when Alex's photos were brought up. Were you surprised by her behavior? Do you think it was justified? Are you kidding? Nothing surprises me with Ramona. I meant it when I said you don't know who you are going to get, "Ramona or Rameana". I sort of thought it was funny until Bethenny and Ramona got into it behind the scenes. Without Ramona the show would be boring! We all brought something to show. With a husband like Mario and a daughter like Avery, obviously there is a another side you might not have seen. That is why we are still friends. She definitely keeps me on my toes!

We finally got to see you have it out with Ramona! Are you satisfied, or is there still more to resolve with her?

I never like having my feelings hurt. No one does. I think we resolved all the issues we had over past 9 months, finally. I can't promise something won't happen tomorrow, though.

Everyone was a bit peeved that Simon attended the reunion. If the invitation were open to everyone, would Bobby have sat in as well?

Wild horses could not have dragged Bobby to the reunion. Bobby is a private person. He would not have chosen to be on this show but because he loves me, he supported my decision. Of course we talked about it and if he felt strongly about not doing it, I would have respected his decision. Bobby has no interest in putting himself out there any more than necessary. I will say that after 6 hours of filming that day, when I walked off the set Bobby surprised me and picked me up. He said goodbye to everyone for the last time, like the classy guy he is.

I did ask Simon at least 4 times, "Why are you here?" And I never got a straight answer. I am not sure if it was to protect Alex from being ganged up on, or if he just liked being on TV. If it was the former, I would be sad because he should know I would not let that happen. There were scenes edited out in which I defended Alex.

Any final thoughts on the reunion or season as a whole?

Wow, I can't believe this is really over. I have no regrets for doing the show and am grateful to Keira, Lenid, Jen, Rachelle, Barry, Peter, Dave, Matt, Christian, Andy and the entire Bravo family. Shoutouts to :

James Davis, for leaving the message on my answering machine, "Hello, this is James Davis from Ricochet Television. We are casting for a show about glamorous Manhattan moms..."

Fans -- I am so grateful for all the love you have showered on us and prayers for my stepson. He is getting better now -- finally.

Jill and David -- the future parents of our first grandchild! Jill is due in 2 weeks, and we are all on ZARIN BABY WATCH!

Jonathan -- my sweet stepson, whom I love as much as any mother would. You teach me what is really important: the health and love of family.

Jennifer -- I know you were hesitant about us doing this, but I hope you can be proud of us now. JennaI -- I hope the family doesn't get mad that I singled you out, but they limit my words. You have been the most supportive "Team Jill" fan of all! You came to every event and were always there when we needed you when Jonathan was sick. Jessica, Jillian and Jacqulyn were adorable at the reunion party and I missed their cousins Piper, Crosby, Grace and our only "boy" Jake. Oh, and you might be the only one to read this blog in the family, so don't tell anyone!

Brad -- my "gay' husband. I know you have been busy and hope we get to spend more time together soon. I miss you!

Allyson --"My FIrst, My Last, My Everything". I waited for you my whole life. It was not complete until you were born. You have made Bobby and me so proud to know that you are a good person inside and out and I hope we have taught you to always help others and that, "to those much is given much is expected". I know you will try to save the earth so that your children will have a planet to live on. I am captain of "Team Allyson" forever. Bobby may not always show it on the outside, but he is my co-captain on "Team Allyson", and loves you very much.

Lisa, Bill, Joanna and Jonathan -- I know you had reservations about me doing a reality show (you always had the "I told you so" in your pocket!), but I hope I have made you proud of me. Lisa -- (I am still so insecure!) I am so excited about our future doing a radio show called Sisters. I never knew how fun radio could be until you showed me Live with Lisa Radio. I am so proud of you! You knew you wanted to be a radio personality and followed your dream. I still think you should run for office in Washington.

My parents from Boca, Gloria and Sol -- I am crying as I write this because I love you so much and miss you both terribly. I feel abandoned when you are so far away. Life is too short and I need you here. Please stay with me this summer, not for 7 days but for 3 weeks! It is a big house. I love you daddy, and I did this show for you so you could see me everyday. I was so happy when you told me you watched me all the way home on your plane!

Jeri Cohen Jewelry -- Thank you for telling Bobby what I MUST HAVE! I love the earrings "Bobby had to buy me" that I wore on the reunion show.

To my costars -- go to Bethenny's Blog and ditto! I cried when I read Bethenny's blog. I think she was very honest and sincere and I hope everyone loves her the way I do. Last but not least, my Bobby! The love of my life. I knew the day I met you that you were the one. I don't know what I would do without you. You give me the freedom to be me, and you love me for who I am. You embraced Allyson and my family as your own, and I love your family too. How lucky we are that we came together in this universe.

I am sorry if this is 10 pages long! It is important to me to give all the people responsible for helping me the credit they are due.

I created a line of "Team Jill" shirts, pants and other goodies to come! Go to to keep up with us this summer. I get about 200 emails a day and I will be starting a newsletter to answer your questions.

Finally, I am so grateful for my life, my family and my friends. I am now ready to become a private person again and spend some quiet time with my family. Doing this show took over my life for awhile and now I need to retreat. Allyson will be in 11th grade next year and needs me to focus on her and helping her achieve her goals. My family must come first.

If you see us around, always say hi!

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