Clash of the Cast

Clash of the Cast

Alex talks arguments, tennis matches, and controversial pictures.

It’s Tuesday afternoon and I am racing to get my blog in before the end of the day. There are no children around me at the moment though the keyboard situation has not been resolved…little thief!

The first big scene involves Ramona asking Kelly for advice regarding Simon. I have to say, this scene reeked of contrivance. Could you ladies please have a green room conversation? About…let’s see...oh, how about Simon? It seemed so stilted, and all anyone ever has to do when approached by someone they’d rather not speak to is to greet them calmly and excuse themselves quickly – that’s what I always do with Ramona.

I’m not a grudge holder unless I care about the person, and even then I don’t really hold onto things. Life is indeed too short – if something happens that you don’t like, dismiss the event, dismiss the person if you feel strongly enough, but don’t let things fester inside you. That’s one way to ensure a rotten outlook on life and sometimes that stress can even manifest itself as disease. When Simon and I have an argument (of course we do, even though you might not see it on camera) it’s usually about something completely banal like who has to put the garbage cans out or be the one to get up with the early-rising boys after a night out. Slightly off tangent here – was this episode about arguments? Oh, yes! Yes, it was!

The Page Six party was an interesting night – Simon and I were exhausted and almost canceled though perhaps our fatigue helped us let our hair down a bit. Some of the ladies and I had been annoyed by Kelly’s recent column about joining the show – she’d mentioned among other things that she wanted to show viewers that women could raise children, enjoy fashion and run around the city, or something like that, the inference being that the rest of us lived in caves. On this weeks’ show Ramona questioned her about it – we all either questioned her or commented on it, but by the night of the event had let it go. We only stayed about an hour, but oh, what an hour it was!

What you may not be able to see on the show is that the party took place on a rooftop. With all the arguments I’m surprised no one went overboard! I was in the corner chatting with Bobby while Jill and Mario went a few rounds over tennis. Bobby and I had commandeered a tray of hors d’oeuvres from a waiter and were busily snacking away, when he noticed Mario and Simon and wondered what was going on. I could see that Simon was standing very still while Mario bounced up and down like a Muppet with hand gestures flying. I could only imagine Mario was giving Simon his side of the tennis story. Ramona joined them, and Bobby and I continued to watch as Ramona started bouncing & gesturing as well, and even climbed up onto the ledge separating the two parts of the roof, presumably so she could look Simon in the eye. It sort of looked like two squawking birds flying around a tree. At that point, Bobby suggested I jump in – “You have to get in there and save him,” he said. The last thing I wanted to do was engage Ramona, particularly on a ledge as it could have been too tempting, but just in case Simon needed reinforcements I put down my plate and walked over.

Turns out they were talking about the tennis match and even suggested maybe I should be Jill’s partner. Now, I’ve spent most of my life avoiding tennis, possibly going back to having spent too much time in an exersaucer on the court with my mom. I certainly wouldn’t want to pick up a racket for the first time in years to play either of the Singers – I’d get killed! After a bit of a chat one of us remarked that we were all getting along, and wondered why hadn’t we been recently. Then, it all came out.

Over a year ago, we did a press appearance with the Singers and decided to go out afterward – we had a nice time and it was a fun evening. Shortly thereafter, an article was published in In Touch magazine with photos that I’d taken previously, spent much time & money trying to squash publication of same and ultimately decided to stop fighting as it was a losing battle. For some reason, the Singers thought that I should have warned them about it, and I don’t actually remember whether the photo battle was ongoing the night we all went out. We barely knew them at the time, it was none of their business and did not relate in any way to their lives. Apparently Ramona felt that her image could have been tarnished by associating with someone who appeared in such photos. If she was not prone to kissing her ex-Playboy model girlfriend on the lips in front of her daughter, threatening to throw dogs in pools, dancing by herself and one-upping government officials, I’d have more sympathy. My entire life I’ve noticed that some people get their kicks from manufacturing self-righteous outrage over the behavior of others, usually in an effort to make themselves feel important. Personally, I think that’s silly and a waste of energy. I was very glad to hear that the whole Ramona issue was that simple – that it was nothing we’d actually done to them.

Am signing off now to go to the Village Voice’s food fair…nothing I like better than to eat! Thanks for watching and be sure to check out Simon’s blog as well.

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