No Harm, No Foul

No Harm, No Foul

Alex talks anniversaries, 'Lost Footage,' and life after Housewives.

Last night was Simon’s and my ninth wedding anniversary, and we spent it dancing, checking out Allan Tannenbaum’s 70’s rock photo exhibition and out to dinner. It may have been rainy and humid outside but our love is real, not fade away…. OK, only one Buddy Holly reference allowed per blog.

When Jill’s mom saw the dueling New York Mag & New York Post articles, her immediate reaction was appropriate. When she read the “Long Island” comment she said, “Where is he from, Australia?” An absolutely correct comeback. Jill, however, did not come back with that. She made an allegation against Simon that was ridiculous and over the top - I won’t even repeat it here. Funny that Gloria’s next comment was that Jill did the right thing. Moms will almost always gloss over bad behavior when backing up their children, which is as it should be so no harm, no foul.

Around the kitchen table there was also an amusing discussion about my last name, and it never ceases to amaze me how much people like to talk when a woman doesn’t drop her last name to take her husband’s. I was born with McCord and I like it. I’m keeping it. I made that decision as soon as I was old enough to understand what people did with their last names, long before I got married. A guy who would worry about that is a guy with personality traits I probably wouldn’t fall for, though I did discuss it with Simon to make sure there was no underlying disappointment. There wasn’t.

I was thrilled to see that the playdate with Rod, Lindel & Hugh made it in! Rod and I are great friends from Northwestern. From playing Demetrius & Helena in A Midsummer Night’s Dream to Heidi and Peter in The Heidi Chronicles to sharing a crazy apartment with I’m not sure how many people on the Upper West Side once we were both in New York, we’ve shared so much together. Rod was one of the first people to meet Simon after we met, and there’s a great picture from our wedding that I need to pull out and scan. I was so excited when Rod & Lindel found each other and even more so when I heard they were adopting Hugh. The Hart boys were actually staying with us in Brooklyn when the reunion special was shot, so even more appropriate that our playdate clip from October aired with reunion footage.

Liked seeing Kelly go through her closet and getting rid of items she hadn’t worn in a while. I did the very same thing yesterday, both to do spring cleaning and to gather some inventory for Second Time Around, which is about to open its first store in Manhattan next month. Bowling with the Zarins looked like fun, though I think Jill got a wee bit competitive – just roll the ball in the general direction of the pins and mix it up by giving the best players handicaps – stand on one leg, bowl backwards, (gently) push the ball down the lane with your foot, etc. You can tell I’m not a particularly good bowler, but we always have fun!

The more I see Ramona do things like flirt for prices and giggle when a vendor suggests she wear a more low cut top, the more I think she has no right to judge anything I do. That’s not a judgment of the flirting (we all do it and it’s fun,) but of fairness. Thought the dog fashion show was hilarious and very Ramona, though the moment she started swinging the leash around I envisioned a disaster involving audience members choking. Best in Show, anyone?

Trying to remember what else was on the show while I stand in my office/hallway typing as there’s no desk yet. LuAnn had a clip with some bibs, and I hope she explained how to use them in her book because I didn’t understand. I still have to get a copy – we went to the signing and somehow managed to not pick one up. Bethenny had a blast on Fire Island – I was a little jealous. However, at the photo exhibition Simon and I attended last night I did get to do the YMCA with one of the original Village People, so it all evens out.

Off into the weird weather that has eaten New York City for meetings, more meetings and just a few more meetings, followed by François’ spring carnival at school tonight. This weekend Simon and I are appearing with our publisher at Book Expo America at the Javits Center to promote Little Kids, Big City! I know, I know – we’re doing things inside out. We threw a party before we had a deal, now we’re signing covers before the release. Maybe it’s because Simon’s Australian. Have a great summer, everyone! I’m going to keep blogging The Fashion Show here on Bravo as well as on the Huffington Post, so be sure to look for those!

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