Are You Kidding Me?

Are You Kidding Me?

Jill's still fuming over her fight with Mario!

Brad and I have a very different relationship. We are a dysfunctional couple, but it works in the end. I love to torture him and he loves to ignore me. I think he is extremely talented, but needs someone like me to balance his creativity, be functional, on budget, on time and complete. That is why together we make a great team. We have many designers at Zarin and we make sure to match the client with the right person. I would not have done anything differently. On a side note, we also redecorated Bethenny's apartment this season with Nicole Facciuto. Nicole has a softer style and made Bethenny's apartment look like a SPA on a budget. Bethenny is so happy with it. I will post photos of Bethenny's apartment on my website soon!

Kelly thought she was going to" teach" Bethenny a lesson? Are you kidding?

Kelly was out of line. Period. It is not hard for me to be impartial because I am honest. It was embarrassing to watch. Kelly thought she was going to" teach" Bethenny a lesson? Are you kidding? I don't know if Kelly really remembers what happened in the past and at the charity event. It was evident in the episode that she has a poor memory like I do. If Bethenny says I said it, then I did. She can remember what I said 18 months ago, where and when, verbatim. Period. Never go up again her memory. I was horrified at how Kelly tried to humiliate Bethenny. I say tried, because she obviously didn't. I have to say I was impressed with how Bethenny handled herself. WOW. I know she was not expecting to be attacked like that, especially after being made to wait 30 minutes, which must have seemed like an eternity. At least apologize for being late since you called the meeting?

Does jealous describe Mario's behavior? I can promise you, as much as I LOVE to shop, eat, travel, whatever...I work. Not because I have to Mario, but because I take pride in what I do and I love to work. Work gives me a sense of self-satisfaction. I do charity for the same reason. Ramona, who are you kidding? Fashionista? I never saw you at any significant designer or in any society magazines, at least before the show. I would not put you and Kelly in the same category when it comes to fashion. Kelly was the editor of the now defunct Elle Accessories Magazine and does have a great sense of style about her. Exactly when did you meet Badgley and Mischka? At the charity event last season we were invited to by Bravo? Have you ever bought one of their couture gowns, which you alluded to by being in their front row? The front row is reserved for buyers, press and retail customers. As for myself, I go to shows of designers I buy from or am interested in buying from. I don't have time to just go to a show for entertainment. Bobby and I were shocked that Mario attacked me like that. I can't imagine ever being social with them again unless he apologizes. He was wrong.

Mario acted like a little boy and a big bully on the playground and I'm glad he offered to "take his toys home."

The tennis game was intended to be a competition between Ramona and I with girlfriends. That is how we knew each other before the show. Who made Mario boss? I never said I was a great tennis player. Quite the contrary. I played one day last summer before the match. I just wanted a repeat of last year, with LuAnn and Bethenny added to the mix. I still don't know how he ever got involved in our game. Is he jealous of all the attention Ramona and the ladies are getting? Does he think this will help his image and business? I hardly think so. Bobby is a gentlemen and would never speak to anyone like that. No matter what he thinks privately about any of the women good or bad, he would never publicly humiliate anyone. Mario acted like a little boy and a big bully on the playground and I'm glad he offered to "take his toys home."

I didn't blog last week because I was away. I just want to set the record straight that Kelly NEVER invited me to anything Fashion Week. I don't know why she said she did in her now defunct Page Six Magazine article. I was invited to a few shows in NYC, but Gloria had pancreatitis in September and Lisa and I flew down to Boca to be with her. I was only able to attend one event and it was with Zang Toi. Zang is the most charming man (in a kilt skirt) you could meet and if you ever get lucky enough to meet him you will know why. He made the most beautiful knit gown for me last May and Bethenny wore a version of it in pink on the cover of Social Life. I wanted to introduce him to some potential buyers in my circle of girlfriends and he offered to put on a private fashion show. It was a day I will always remember. Thank you Brad Boles for introducing us. I also want to say that I never invited Kelly to the charity meeting because I didn't know her. LuAnn told me she was bringing her and I said fine. I certainly did not need her to help us and it was uncomfortable when she flipped about being on the invite. I was trying to include her since we are on a TV show together and being the connector that I am, offered to do something together as a group. After the meeting Kelly called and offered to donate a photo shoot with Giles worth 25K. I was shocked and thrilled that she wanted to help. Kelly has been nothing but kind and nice to Allyson and myself every time we meet. I don't think she remembers the "cute" comment, nor do I think she meant it to be offensive.

I will have a channel on for you to send me emails and access photos and videos shortly. I ran out of room on my Facebook page so I started a FAN page now. I also am addicted to Twittering, in fact I just Twittered that! "Ask Jill" starts this week and you won't believe this but The Daily News started an "Ask Gloria" column! You can write her at and you might see it published (anonymously of course) soon. The show gave my mom a new life. She loves to give Lisa and me advice all the time and now she can share it with all of you. (Should you want it of course.) NO ONE knows about everything like my mom. In fact we talked together on Lisa's radio show tonight. I love to do that before an episode. Last, check for daily updates with news articles and clips.

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