Cut the Cattiness

Cut the Cattiness

Jill refuses to stoop to the level of her castmates!

First, I want to apologize to all the fans who tried something new with me on As those who were there witnessed, it crashed before we started when thousands of you signed on. Though this is by no means an excuse for them, they are truly sorry and when they figure this all out we will try again. Technology is frustrating sometimes, but I was so upset last night you have no idea. So I beg you, please stop yelling at me and let's move on.

I can't decide what to do right now. Do I tell you what I really think without any regard for feelings or do I listen to my Bobby, who says if you have nothing nice to say... So, I will do a little of both, but save the good stuff for the reunion we are filming next week!

I laughed OUT LOUD at the TV when Kelly walked in saying "Hi....Hiiiii... HEYYY!" and then Bethenny did her imitation. Priceless.

As you know or should know by now, we have no control over editing. The show is there to entertain and highlight drama. I too find the self-promoting a little obnoxious and will tone it down next season if I have any control. Last night was internally called the "work" episode and as such it focused on all of our careers, including Alex. (Bethenny was very kind to include her since her last employer, would not let Alex be filmed at work.) I won't say I was unhappy when the opening scene was at my store (I won't say the name for fear of self-promoting again.) As for the little pillow scene, well let's just say " I don't remember" that part. funny was BOOBBBYY? Sipping the honey wine? What is that? I guess that shows our age difference or the fact that I don't drink too often.I laughed OUT LOUD at the TV when Kelly walked in saying "Hi....Hiiiii... HEYYY!" and then Bethenny did her imitation. Priceless. Did you think that was as funny as I did? Max was never "properly" introduced. In other words, I didn't know if he was her boyfriend, brother, college roommate? So, me being me, I asked her if he was a friend with benefits. I didn't mean to embarrass her, but I sometimes take on the role of narrator and try to get questions answered in the conversation that I think will come up later on in editing.

I have to say thank you to Not only because they chose our apartment for their May issue, which you saw last night, but two weeks ago they called Marie, our publicist, to tell her they selected us for the cover. I almost died. Yes, died. One could say they put us in the issue because we did it on the show, but they NEVER said they would put it on the cover. It never came up and we never even asked. Since my photo is not on the cover, I truly believe they loved the apartment too (despite some vicious and mean opinions from my castmates.) It was a pleasure working with the staff at Meredith and I hope to work on other projects with them in the future. Oh, Gloria hated my hair up (it was not the photo they used in the actual magazine in stands next week) but it is on the blog. I do love when Gloria calls me after the show and REALLY tells it the way it is. By the way, if you want to see her on the reunion, tell Andy Cohen! (No pressure, she has a doctor's appointment that day in Miami anyway.)

I always give credit where credit is due.

Despite all the mean things my castmates and spouses have said about me, no one can take away the resume of things I have accomplished in my career. From my assistant buyer days at Filene's (upstairs) in Boston to my last "job" as EVP of Great American Knitting Mills (Gold Toe, Jockey and Nautica Hosiery.) I have to say I "channeled" Bethenny today when I negotiated a deal and I have definitely learned things from her. I always give credit where credit is due. In fact, I think I stole another Bethenny funny, "Big PP" from her. However, this is not my first trip "around the block" and I am excited to see what the future holds for our business and personally.

I haven't spoken with Brad today and I hope he isn't mad. As I have always said that we have a unique relationship. He was a bit tipsy that night and was overly flirting with Max, making everyone very uncomfortable. But Brad is Brad and we love him for it.

Everyone needs to relax - my birthday present reveal scene was funny, no? We actually bought the car (lease) at a charity event Zang Toi hosted for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. I had recently gotten a traffic ticket for talking on the phone and Bobby knew the requirement was Bluetooth ready. Sometimes I move too fast and it appeared on initial impression to be incompatible with the iPhone. However, upon further investigation it IS compatible and I love the car. I love their hands-free concierge service. It's too long to explain here, but trust me - we did not get another car.

Sometimes I just wish some of the ladies would call me before filming. I would have given them some good advice. (And if I don't know the answer, I always have Gloria!) I am trying to learn from Bobby not to be mean and stoop down to the level of some of these ladies (and gentleman). They take catty to a new level. Though sometimes I have to defend myself.

I have a lot of exciting things coming up and it's my favorite time of year. Mother's Day! For the first time in many years, Gloria is flying up to celebrate. Ally and I took advantage of the Free Million Card Giveaway from and we sent out our cards already. If you forgot, do it now before they run out! As many of you know Allyson is becoming a serious photographer and set up a gallery at and would love you to stop by and comment. (Please be nice?). You can always come visit me at for daily updates to my blog and other things I have going on. I love reading your comments there.


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