Ready For A Rematch?

Ready For A Rematch?

Jill talks tennis, charity work, and a possible rematch with Ramona.

I was surprised that Kelly decided to help me with the charity, but was grateful. She didn't know me, or any of us for that matter. Kelly must have thought it over and realized that if she didn't get involved somehow, how could she stay on the show? It is called the The Real Housewives of New York City after all. The reason I invited her to begin with was to add her to our cast. Kelly told Christina she had a few things to donate. The only thing that was ever confirmed was the photo shoot with Giles Bensimone. The other items never materialized and I don't even remember what they were supposed to be. Bethenny was correct on her blog when she said that we have yet to confirm a date with Mr. Bensimone. We have been trying to contact him since October and finally returned the auction winner the $6,500 they paid. (It did not sell for the $25,000 estimate.) Kelly has said she is trying to get Giles to honor his commitment, but of course cannot control what he does. We will continue to communicate with his publicist and hope to reconnect the winner with Mr. Bensimone and donate the money to the charity it was intended for.

As I have said before, I did not want to play this match.

As I have said before, I did not want to play this match. Mario was dying to show off his tennis skills and was using me to do that and get a free membership at CityView. I did not want to get involved. I offered to step away a few times, but they kept coming back to make a date. I knew I couldn't win (theoretically) unless I played with someone Mario chose. First they said it was a friendly game (watch the Russell Simons event,) but kept trying to make a competition out of it. Which was it supposed to be? I still don't know. I actually have the emails from Mario and Ramona dealing with the date mix-up. It was a mix-up because his Production Assistant did not communicate with me or with my PA. The email trail shows how I was not on the original chain. It was late September before it was straighten out. But it was straightened out, so what is the big deal?

Now let me address the blog Mario wrote. First it was so mean spirited. I tell the truth, but am not mean spirited. I don't know what is wrong with him but he should stop taking tennis lessons and start taking character lessons.I will not stoop to his level and respond to his immature ranting. He seems so angry and jealous doesn't he? By the way Mario, I don't have to pay to play (meaning with Justin) you?

I called Bethenny after I watched the episode and she felt badly about how it was edited. She told me how much she loved what Brad did. She apologized on the blog. I love my apartment and wouldn't do anything differently. Tom from painted the apartment walls and it will be featured in Traditional Home in May. Zarin Fabrics is a world-class design and fabric store and is known all over New York and now the country. We redecorated Bethenny's apartment and photos are on along with photos of my apartment. If you need help, no job is too big or too small and we work in all 50 states.

I will not stoop to his level and respond to his immature ranting.

The tennis match was very edited and my favorite moment came after the match. We all agreed it was a disappointing game. I challenged Ramona to play me one-on-one right then and there. No notice. She came up with every excuse. "I'm not mentally ready for singles" was my favorite excuse. I never play tennis. Anyone who knows me knows that. It didn't matter to me that Ramona had been practicing for weeks leading up to the match. I wanted to take her on. I still do. Ready for a rematch Ramona?

I will have a channel on for you to send me emails, access private photos and video chat. I am planning on doing a live video chat on Starcam this Tuesday at 10PM so please sign up now so you are ready Tuesday night. We will email you directions. Next, I ran out of room on my Facebook page so I started a Facebook Fan page now. My other Facebook accounts will be unregistered so please defriend me and sign up for the fan page now! Starcam will offer many more fun ways for us to communicate. I also am addicted to Twittering - in fact, I just Twittered that!

I am excited to tell you that The New York Daily News started an "Ask Gloria" column! You can write her at and you might see it published (anonymously of course) soon. The show gave my mom a new life. She loves to give Lisa and me advice all the time and now she can share it with all of you. (Should you want it of course.) NO ONE knows about everything like my mom. Last, check for daily updates with news articles and clips. I hope everyone had a happy and healthy Passover and Easter!


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