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Hampton Classic

Horse shows, Saks photoshoots, and snow days with Kelly!

Riding in a car on my way to Saks Fifth Avenue where I was shooting a fashion segment for the TV show Extra!, I started feeling an ache in my hip. Yup, the same ache that I feel every day because of my major spill I had this summer as I was thrown off a horse just days before the Hampton Classic horse show, the biggest horse show of the summer.

But, like I always tell my girls, "Killorens always finish strong."

How much fun is it to ride an animal who fears leaves and even tissue? It is that much fun? 400 pounds of fun. But when I fall, it always goes through my head, "What am I doing?" and "Is it all worth it?" As odd as it seems, I love this crazy sport. I love their athleticism and playfulness. I am hooked. Yes, I took a major spill again on Local Day, where locals are the only ones allowed to ride. It falls on the Sunday before the Hampton Classic begins. My trainer, Harriet Strumph, was clucking like crazy to get me to leg my horse, and I stayed still in so much pain until the mare dumped me. Keeeeerplop!

Even at 2'6'', I went flying over her whithers. So, do you think I was a little nervous to compete against the best riders in the country at 3 foot? Ahh, yes. I was petrified. But, like I always tell my girls, "Killorens always finish strong."

Back to Extra! So, the producer, sound, and cameraman have known me since I did my first segment for Extra! on summer fashion, and "Boots, Bags, and Belts" which I did when I was the Editor of Elle Accessories, and they were the ones who interviewed all the Housewives with AJ. They were so sweet and funny talking about the inspiration behind the clothes! I was laughing my head off as they sat there on the 4th floor of Saks talking about WEAR and it's inspiration as they were sporting JETS sweatshirts! Go guys! You are so cool. As the name and the face of the WEAR campaign for Saks, I styled the shoot and was the model. Today I wore a Stella McCartney black tight 80s mini-dress with black shiny Wolford tights and Lanvin patent flats and hair and makeup was inspired by Jennifer Lopez (smokey eyes, straight hair, and my silver hoop earrings, which I designed.) I showed ways to change your own little black dress into something that is great for the day or night with a chunky necklace, cardigan and a bright colored belt, and a new cropped jacket that looks professional and modern.

I may even use it myself, because we all have to deal with a bully every once in awhile, right?

My kidlets then met me at Saks and we went across the street to Burger Heaven and ordered cobb salads, hamburgers, and milk shakes. The girls had a snow day so after lunch we walked over to American Girl and bought some great books on Mommy and Me and divorce. And, we met the latest new doll, Chrissa, who comes with two friends. She has to deal with bullies in her new movie, and this was a great way to show my girls how they can deal with bullies. I may even use it myself, because we all have to deal with a bully every once in awhile, right?

We then jumped across wet snow, faced really cold winds, and walked over to the MOMA. There, we went floor by floor looking at the Swedish artist Oldenburg's slice of cake, and Roy Lichtenstein's "I would rather drown then ask Brad for help" cartoon painting. We then literally jumped across the street over a monster puddle and gazed longingly at hot pink strappy patent Manolo Blahnik sandals, or rather I did. The girls giggled as a taxi came by. "Saved by the taxi, you don't need those anyway you already have hot pink toenails!" They laughed hysterically as we pushed our way into the back of the taxi so we could all fit together.

As the snow fell, we put our heads out the window and tried to catch snow on our tongues till we made it home.

"I will race you upstairs, and whomever gets there first can turn on the Chrissa movie." Gotta learn how to deal with bullies.

I also put my new product on Facebook. Everyone loves the panties and the yoga pants. Remember, a portion of the proceeds are being donated to the neuroblastoma fund at Memorial Sloan Kettering. The power of Facebook is crazy. The movie is starting...


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