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Alex talks Bethenny's new show, Jill's change of heart, and Kelly's bullying claims.

By Alex McCord


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Part two of the Reunion has come and gone and my head is spinning. That might be because Simon and I got up at 4am yesterday in Washington, DC to drive home to get the chums to school on time. By the way, did you hear there’s a Real Housewives of DC coming our way in August? Someone's sneaking up the beltway ... well, maybe I’d better stop before I have too much fun with this. We had four signings this weekend in the DC/Baltimore/Philly area and I want to say a huge THANKS to everyone; we were overwhelmed! If you want to see when we’ll be in your area hit up our family website which has the schedule and a place to order.

Do I think Jill was happy for Bethenny when she got her own show? Yes, actually I do. I also think she was jealous as h-e-double hockey sticks, because she wanted it to be a show for the two of them, like Laverne and Shirley. Yes, she really did tell us to boycott Bethenny. Yes, even recently Jill also called places like the Wendy Williams show to complain about Bethenny getting airtime and not her. She made that call this spring – a couple of months after the season was filmed. That leads me to believe that all this remorse and change of tune is based on the viewers’ reaction, not a real change of heart about the loss of a friendship.

Sonja joined us and the air got lighter ... she is a hoot and I’m only sorry we didn’t meet 10 years ago. We got to talking about sex and one-night stands, and for the most part I think we are all on the same page. Whether you’ve known someone for an evening or for a year, the possibility still exists that it might only be one time, and no, a one-night stand doesn’t equal unprotected sex – that’s a bad idea all around.


As this hour continued, LuAnn said she was afraid of Bethenny. Perhaps she’s afraid of Bethenny’s straightforward manner and tone of voice, which can be cutting and abrupt. However, is there any difference between things that Bethenny has said, and comments LuAnn has made? Yes, LuAnn is smoother, but I don’t think her tongue is any less barbed than anyone else’s. I would rather be hit in the face with a barbed comment than hear smooth condescension any day; to me if it’s upfront it’s not scary.

Onto the (alleged) bullying. I was very disappointed that Kelly chose to diminish a real problem that exists in our schools, and more recently on the internet, in order to deflect criticism of her own behavior. We all wanted to have fun with her in St. John with the best of intentions, but from the very moment we landed at the airport she kept saying contradictory things and getting randomly aggressive. It’s as though she has a threshold of what she considers inappropriate conversation that is different from anyone else in the cast, and once she is uncomfortable she will do anything, rational or not, to stop the conversation. She won’t allow anyone else to speak nor will she let anyone finish a sentence if she doesn’t like what she is hearing. For a while on the trip, we all got more and more frustrated because we were attempting to process what she said and respond to her rationally. Finally we realized that we should stop trying, because it wasn’t rational. We continued to give Kelly chances and tried to calm her down – for example, the last thing I wanted to do was go on a photo shoot at the beach, but I didn’t want to set her off, so I went. In the end both the cast and crew spent most of the trip managing Kelly, which wasn’t a particularly relaxing exercise. I’m just as interested as everyone else to see how part three comes out ... and I was there!

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