Finding Closure

Finding Closure

Mario describes the emotional reconciliation between Ramona and her estranged father.

By Mario Singer


I did not have a sister growing up, so I never understood the dynamics of a father-daughter relationship until my daughter Avery came into my life. When I watched this episode and saw Ramona opening up about the emotional scars that her dad had inflicted upon her during her childhood, it was very painful to watch. Over the years she would tell me some of the events that defined her relationship with her father. She would always remind me to show my love to Avery as I would have a tremendous effect on her future relationships with boys and men as she grew into a women. Avery is now in her early teenage years and boys are becoming a part of her life. I hope that I have given her a good foundation so that she knows what traits are important in a guy.

I remember one Christmas a couple of years ago very vividly. My mother had been living with us for nine years and we always celebrated Christmas with Mom in our home in Southampton. After she died, Christmas was not the same as we had lost an important member of our small inner family. Avery has always lamented that we did not have a large tight knit family. When I suggested to Ramona that we invite her dad to Southampton for Christmas, she thought it was a terrible idea. His health was failing and I knew time was running out for Ramona to break through that wall that separated her from her father. I knew this because I had experienced that breakthrough just before my dad passed away. Ramona finally agreed to invite her dad and it is one of the happiest memories that I have. I was thankful that I was able to bring her the Christmas gift of love and forgiveness that brought her peace and closure with her dad. There is a large framed photo in our living room of Ramona sitting on the arm of a love seat next to Dad, with her arm around him. Both of them are smiling. Whenever I walk past that picture I am thankful that they had those days together.

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