Make Mistakes, Move On

Make Mistakes, Move On

Jill talks about her new book, the Saks event, and has a special message for Bethenny.


My favorite scene tonight was with my mom and Lisa for the book cover shoot. It was a day we will all never forget. My dad was with us and it brought us all back to when we were little girls. We are a very close family but Gloria lives in Florida, Lisa is in Connecticut and I am in the city so we don't get to be together very often. The reason we did the book together was to share the experience we are about to embark on. We will be doing press and a book tour together for a few weeks. The cameras should be following us now! We are real and our roots are as deep as the bottom of the ocean. The book is about the advice our mother gave and gives us everyday and we wanted to share it with the world. Gloria definitely has a point of view, whether you agree or not, it is everything we believe in (most of the time!) We talk about friendship (yes, I talk about the housewives!) dating, marriage, parenting, health, beauty (many of you are curious about what I did since Season 1), family focus and much, much more.

I have a terrible memory and didn't really remember what I had said to Alex at the Ungaro show. When Alex told her version to Simon, it was a completely different version than what the viewer had just seen. I never mentioned her children's names, I never actually saw what her children did, and we were all being silly. It did come out like a dig and for that I have apologized. It wasn't nice. I am human and we have all said things to each other that we would love to put back in our mouths but I can't and you can't. All we can do is make a sincere apology and move on.

I have a very close relationship with Saks Fifth Avenue and have been a loyal customer for over 20 years. I have a personal shopper there, Avril on the 3rd floor, who sends me clothes that she thinks I would like and I return what I don't wear and don't like. Saks recently renovated their designer third floor in New York City. They had a private party to open the floor with all the designers and fashion leaders at a private dinner. I was honored to be included. I sat with Zac Pozen, Carolina Hererra, Anna Wintour and every designer represented on the floor. After that magical evening, I asked them if they would recreate the same party for my friends who also shop at Saks. I asked them to let us film it and they graciously agreed. I invited over 50 friends from all over the country, some of whom I have known since I was 5 years old. Nothing makes me happier then connecting people together. This was held in mid September and Bobby was just recently given the all clear. The dark cloud was lifted and I was trying to get out of a funk. Cindy Lauper's "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" comes to mind?


The first time I saw the commercial where Ramona attacks Kelly about her "boob job" did not surprise me. Ramona wanted attention and I guess she got it in this episode. She picked on everyone and you even see a look in her eye for a moment when she must have been thinking, "Who's next?!" I thought to myself, "I guess the 'renewed' Ramona didn't last long!"

It is very hard for me to watch what happened nine months ago. In real life we live, make mistakes, learn from them, and move on. Reality shows memorialize every word and every "look" on your face and sometimes we would like to have taken it back the first time, and not relive it on television in front of all of you over and over again. But it is all worth it to have been able to write a book with Gloria and Lisa called "Secrets of a Jewish Mother" as a reference book of advice on everything for our children and our children's children. You can pre-order it online. Go to to find your favorite bookseller.

Have a great weekend and see you all next Thursday night!

PS - To Bethenny and Jason
Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness. To a new beginning and a love to last forever. Congratulations, Jill, Bobby and Ally.

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