I Am Officially Embarrassed

I Am Officially Embarrassed

Kelly recaps the Gotham magazine party, and describes the "Renaissance man" she's looking for!


Ramona said I "typically don't remember women" that I meet. Ramona has a lot of comments about me. It is very clear that she takes stabs at me to get attention. If she talks about me, it appears to the viewers that she has insight, and that she knows me. We met on this show. You know her better than I do. I must say I am so incredibly grateful to have so many incredible male and female friends. I would do anything for my friends, and they would do the same for me. I don't bad mouth them or ever say anything mean. Your friends reflect who you are, and I celebrate the greatness in all my friends. I feel lucky to know them. I honestly wish Ramona would focus on herself and leave me alone.

My favorite scene of this entire show was of me and my girls making pancakes. We are trying to live a new single life as three girls in New York City. It is not easy being a single mom, working in New York, and attempting to date and find true love. I wouldn't wish raising children as a single parent on anyone. I am grateful to have such amazing girls, and I feel so guilty that I cannot give my children the stability of a two parent home, like I had. I am looking for Chapter 2. I would definitely have more children if the man I am with wanted to. My children and I deserve to be loved, just like anyone else.

At first I enjoyed having drinks with LuAnn and Sonja. I have a lot of respect for men and for any relationship I enter into. I was also shocked and felt badly for Sonja when she asked me about my husband. She obviously wanted to tell me her story. If you are with me, you are my prince, and without me, a frog. I don't want arm candy or a "Thursday." I am looking for a Renaissance man who is smart, athletic, and well-rounded. I also live with my children 24/7. I have a lot of integrity, and would never do anything to put them in a awkward situation. Children come first, then me. I went on this show to provide a better life for my girls, and to be able to create great product, and support charities on a bigger scale.

I loved seeing the apartments that are available in New York. I can't really see LuAnn living downtown. I think downtown would be fun for her, but she lives a very sophisticated life that is more conducive to uptown living. The beauty of New York is that with so many neighborhoods, there really is something for everyone.


The Gotham magazine party was so much fun, and I was flattered to be asked to host the 100 Most Eligible Bachelors Party. I am always nervous to invite most of the ladies to my parties because they are not respectful of each other or themselves. I am always waiting for something inappropriate to happen. The first time, shame on them. The second time, shame on me. Jill loves the way I dress, but she's more conservative. She always tells me I look great. I dress more unusual for the show to show the viewers different fashion. A lot of the viewers even go on my Facebook page to see "EVERYWHERE EVERYWEAR," which shows daily photographs of me and how I dress. The women are always commenting on the way I dress. Maybe it's their way to jab at me, or to get a rise out of me. I never respond and that makes them more crazy. If they were real friends who were genuine and caring, then I would respond. For now, I am just trying to survive the season without any war wounds. If you want to see more what I am up to me tweet me @kikilet go to my blog: kellykillorenbensimon.com/blog

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