<i>Survivor</i>: Housewives Style

<i>Survivor</i>: Housewives Style

Kelly apologizes for chatting during LuAnn's event, and rifts about her co-stars' ridiculous attempts at self-promotion.


I honestly felt really bad that Jill and I were talking while LuAnn was giving her speech. I already interviewed her and wrote an article about her for Hamptons Magazine last summer, so sometimes I feel after interviewing people, I know them better than they know themselves. I was really proud to be there that day at Bloomingdale's with her to celebrate her book. It's not every day Bloomingdale's invites someone to speak. Congrats LuAnn! And LuAnn's right, being late is really rude. I'm trying to work on "Kelly Time."

Ramona invited me to her beauty launch. Just for everyone's information, a beauty launch is normally an opportunity to promote your product, where you invite a few friends, press, and editors. Ramona decided to promote her product on the show. This is something that really annoys me about being on the show. I cannot stand how these women promote products so blatantly. Housewives is an amazing platform and I think it's a great opportunity to show viewers the how-to in creating products and books. I like to inspire, not to exploit. This entire scene took Housewives to a level that was truly embarrassing.

No, I'm not in the forth grade and it really made me sick to my stomach to watch Alex be so blatantly vile towards Jill. Bickering and cat fights are one thing, but what's going on now is just a contest of who can get more ratings, and that honestly doesn't make interesting TV. I hope your friends would never do that to you. As you can see I left immediately.

Last week I got an amazing opportunity to celebrate Earth Day with Bravo. I was really flattered to be asked to generate Green awareness. If everyone thinks a little bigger, we can all make a huge impact. Compete with yourself and cooperate with others.

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