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Emotional Outpouring

Ramona talks about planning her vow renewal ceremony and her advice to Bethenny.

By Ramona Singer


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Wow viewers, where do I begin? There were a lot of different situations going on, I think I will start with what touched me personally the most - trying on my dress for my renewing of my vow ceremony and, on a much deeper level, my conversation with Bethenny. When Kimberly Towers came over to my apartment I was really excited. What bride isn't when she finds the perfect dress? When I put on the dress I got all choked up, I blushed and was teary eyed. You see, my parents never had a good marriage and I was always afraid to be married. So I consider it a miracle to still be so in love and happy with Mario 18 years later. I thought it would never happen to me, which is why I wanted to renew my vows. Maybe 18 is a random number, but my father had recently died and through his death I changed. I wanted to celebrate and recommit to my husband. I felt it was important to renew my vows, and Mario, being the great husband he is, agreed to the ceremony. My daughter Avery, who I love more than life, is a teenager now and as any mom who has a 15 year old will tell you, it's a challenging time. That being said, overall we have a great relationship and I know when the time comes for me to renew my vows with Mario she will get it.

When Bethenny first shared with me that her dad was dying, I told her she needed to see him. She had said to me she tried to call and he would not take her calls. I told her, "It really doesn't matter what he wants, YOU NEED TO SEE HIM. YOU NEED CLOSURE. If it means just showing up on his doorstep and knocking on the front door, you must do it. Once he's gone, he's gone, and you will regret it the rest of your life, as there is no going back. You are having a baby, you are going to get married, and you need to confront him and come to terms with your father."

My advice to Bethenny was based on personal experience, as I too had a bad relationship with my father. Two weeks before he died we saw each other over Christmas. We spent the week together and I forgave him and I had closure. I've moved on, and have been released and freed by so many things that I could write a book about the experience. So when Bethenny called me on the way to the airport and said she was heading to LA, I was hoping in my heart and praying to God she was on her way to see her father. I had tears in my eyes and was so overcome with emotion when she told me her father called her. I was so happy that she was on her way to see him. Then the memories of my own reconciliation with my father came flooding over me, and I only wanted the same for Bethenny. After all of the emotional outpouring, I really do not want to get into Jill or LuAnn's negative behavior. I am really beginning to think they are both shallow and do not know what is important in life. I say bravo to Alex for finally speaking up and holding her ground. I am so proud of her!

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