The Finer Things

The Finer Things

Sonja explains what she packs for London, why she loves tubs, and the right way to give someone a nickname.

WOOHOO! We are headed to London. I love London, and London loves me! I adore the dry sense of humor there, and the way they live like there is no tomorrow. The men in Europe, in general, dress so elegantly. I really enjoy that! When I go the other side of the pond I take hats, gloves, fascinators, and every opportunity to sport them. There is no such thing as overdressing in Europe. It is a sign of respect when one shows up to an occasion dressed to the nines. My years living and working abroad have instilled in me a passion for fine food, wine, theme parties, and enjoying life to the fullest.

On that topic I am going straight to the bathtub. My daughter once said one of the most sentimental places in our home is my bathtub. Straight from the mouth of babes! We have had our best chats in the bathtub! She's too old now to fit both of us in it, but now I sit on the side and have heart-to-hearts with her while she bathes. That's why I favor a free standing, old fashioned tub. Just like the one in London.

Carole says, as a widow, she went to London and had a fresh start. She points out widows are supposed to mourn, not move on romantically so fast. She really got me thinking, because, when one divorces, it's not a good idea to be gallivanting around town with a new lover either, because it directly effects your divorce proceedings. The other thing Carol brought to mind was that if you have children and assets between you and your ex in limbo there is NO fresh start. Seriously! I don't think I have to explain this one.

Last note, how fabulous is Carole's neighborhood in London? Picturesque and romantic. I was there and I can tell you the energy was wonderful. She is one sexy cat with good taste. I was so proud of her at my Social Life Magazine party. Her outfit, hair, and makeup were perfection. I had a wonderful group of friends that night from around the world, and she was still a stand out. FYI, a little behind the scenes, that was a Sonja in the City party.

I am very excited Aviva trusts me to orchestrate her anniversary party. I didn't have much time, but I have a great team in place and she understands that we have a crazy schedule.

Ramona, when she is nervous, is similar to me. We seem disrespectful at times, and can be rough on the edges and people! The truth is, Ramona is coming from a good place. This behavior is not about her, it is about her wanting to inspire people to have the success that she has had. When Heather made her derogatory comment about Ramona doing the Learning Annex, I don't think she knew it was about giving back. It was very nice of Ramona to take the time to do this, and to do it right. (The table really was much better!) When Mario says, "When you are wrong, you are right," he is right! These are words for every man to live by if he wants to live with a passionate women. You have to pick your battles to win your war. Let's face it, a war with Ramona is not what you want just before she goes on stage.

When Heather said "cinch in that waist and you're 100 percent women" I really related to that! Well said! Then, when she said it again, I saw that business side of her that comes off very infomercial like, which Ramona points out, but it's part of being a salesperson. Myself, I just repeat myself for no good reason, other than old age.

Really??? Is that all you got to see from "High Tea"? Carole is wearing my hat, and me hers!! We did a cute switch-a-roo at the end. There was so much more! Oh well. . .

I have no problem with name calling in jest among friends, when it's all in the name of fun. Pumpkin Head, Potato Head, and me being Pin Head, of course, (great for wearing hats) is all OK with me. I give everyone creative license in the name of good fun. Of course, sometimes you flop. That's understandable. But, if someone throws out names to purposely hurt someone to make themselves feel superior, I don't condone this. It's just plain selfish behavior, and does not lead to bonding the way friendly helpful joshing does.

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