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Heather: Aviva is Unpredictable

Heather talks about life with Jax, apologizes to Carole for trying to solve #Bookgate, and shares why she's not sad about Ramonja missing her party.

By Heather Thomson

Having a sick child is difficult. It drains you emotionally and financially. With countless days spent in the hospital and with so many different doctors, you're left with feelings of worry and helplessness. Since Jax's liver transplant and the complications that have come since, Jon and I have learned to take one day at a time; otherwise it can simply become too overwhelming on a family and often times destructive to it.

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So instead, we try to focus on the joy in both of our children's accomplishments, appreciating their uniqueness, and taking pride in the special qualities they each possess. Jax's challenges have actually made us better people, made our marriage stronger, and given our children a unique perspective on life.

We are truly blessed and I am so proud of Jax, he is one of the most inspirational little guys I have ever known. I do believe that everything happens for a reason, and that everything does happen for the best. GAM ZU L'TOVAH!

Now onto the girls! There is a hypocritical, anti-"lean-in" drama flying about with a few of the girls and I don't understand it -- it's certainly a double standard and it's ridiculous.

I personally have not held onto any drama over Ramona and Sonja blowing off our Anniversary Party -- part in partial because it was perfect without them. I do care about these ladies but, their absence came down to etiquette, which the Countess can confirm, they showed little of. The day after my party Sonja sent me a text explaining the real reason she missed it; the Aviva excuse was just for show. Sonja had to be in France for something that had to do with assets and her divorce. And despite the fact that Ramona can be infuriating, and never came up with a good reason for missing the party, she did send me flowers with a note explaining that she just needed to be in the Hamptons that weekend. And something isn't right with Ramona -- I have a feeling other issues are pre-occupying her and her decisions, and it's not Aviva. And that is that.


But let’s get back to standing up and speaking out for the things you believe in. When did this become so wrong? My heroes stand up for what they believe in! I can assure you that Kristen Taekman can hold her own and doesn't need anyone to defend her opinions, that Carole Radziwill's career speaks for itself and doesn't need anyone to defend it, and that I don't need anyone to stick up for me either, but it sure feels nice! Isn't that what friends do after all? How come everyone wants us to "Shut the f--- up" in regards to our POVs?! And who in the world says that in front of children -- and someone else's children no less? Aviva is so unpredictable and she's full of double standards, but I am trying to enjoy the charming side of her when in her company. And while I'm attempting to ease into moving forward with Aviva, it's going to take time and rebuilding and I can assure you, that's not for show.

I am psyched for Kristen's Clam Bake and I am thrilled KT can fulfill yet another Elvis fantasy! I just love Kristen's quirky infatuation with Elvis and I think a crush on a dead guy. . .is pretty safe for a marriage!

The evening is just beautiful and the food is so delicious! Yum! This is my favorite type of food as you can see! At the moment, everyone has overcome some "bumps in the road," but unfortunately no one can avoid the elephant at the beach. And in keeping with my word to Aviva, I think it might be a good time for Aviva to try to clear the air a bit with Carole. Everybody is in good spirits and I personally want to see Carole move above this toxicity Aviva has created. They don't have to be buddies, but I want Carole to see the source of the damage for what it is (shameless self-promotion), see it's not worth her time or energy and to move forward. Aviva simply needs to apologize.

But they sit down and right off the bat Aviva starts setting ground rules -- telling Carole how to feel and what to say and Carole is understandably fed up immediately. Aviva loves to reprimand others and is so condescending with reveal of the early galley of Carole's book. It's just all so insincere, but Aviva will tell you, "She was trying to promote Carole’s book for her." It’s just way too much. I don't think this is the type of promotion Radz needs, or moreover, that anyone would welcome -- but if that was really her goal, the honest way to promote the book (and redeem herself) would be telling us all she got an early galley (for the right reasons), read it and loved it.


But instead, Aviva tries to pull off this "big reveal" that she's read Widows' Guide to Sex and Datingto prove she's got connections. And it's dark and it's sneaky and it’s for all the wrong reasons. What was I thinking trying to bridge this gap? So sorry, Radz -- it didn't turn out as I had hoped but you know it was done with only love and trying to keep it to movin' with Vivs. So now it's time for the real fireworks and any leftover lobster tails.

Thanks for watching! And thanks to Lorry Newhouse for my fabulous white outfit at Ramona's and to Love, Alex for the handbag that went with it. And of course, to Yummie for my tank and briefie underneath! Get it at 30 percent off now (only until Thursday) here

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