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Heather: I'm Disappointed in Ramona

Heather wouldn't have cared if Ramona wanted to flee the Berkshires, she just wished she had told her the truth about it.

Meanwhile back in the Berkshires. . .

So, thankfully Kristen didn't need stitches -- just an ice pack and some TLC, which she is not getting from Ramona. Ramona agreed she was out-of-line and would apologize, but ohhh man it didn't go over as well as one would have liked. But that was probably because Ramona took the opportunity to make the story about herself and play the victim again. In Ramona's universe, the sun and the moon circle her. In fact, she is the sun, the moon, and the universe. She needs to stop thinking of herself and think of others. She threw a glass at Kristen and no matter what reason she is using to justify it, her actions require an apology -- and a nice, sincere one at that. Ramona boasts that she is a sophisticated, "classy" lady; this is an opportunity to show it, but she passes it up.


On the way to the Berkshires, Jon, the kids, and I often eat at this great authentic Italian Restaurant called Scarmella's in Ardsley, NY. It is there I found Dino Bravo aka Elvis. An Elvis impersonator fell in my lap and there is just no way I could let that go and not make an arrangement to surprise Kristen! He serenaded Kristen with some if her favorite Elvis songs and we had a lot of laughs and a ton of fun, which is all I wanted! Everyone saw the humor in it but Ramona -- she was too busy being bitter about an incident she caused to have fun with it. I was so happy I had Elvis come and his arrival was all I could think about to try and lighten the mood and make Kristen laugh, which thankfully it did!


We all wake up the next morning and I made a big breakfast for the girls and Lu pitched in! I have these perfect cast iron skillets that we take good care to keep cured and oiled, and I'm always proud of the frittatas I make in them.

Out of the two, this was the favorite among the girls that morning you if you want to try it!

4 c of fresh baby fresh spinach
6 eggs or equivalent of egg substitute
1/2 c chèvre (goat cheese)
1/2 c shredded Gruyere cheese (reserve a 1/4 c)
1/4 c freshly grated Parmesan cheese
3/4 c chopped fresh cremini and white button mushrooms
1/2 c finely chopped scallions with some green tops
White truffle oil
Salt and pepper to taste

1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
2. Sauté vegetables and scallions with virgin olive oil in the cast iron skillet until they are brown.
3. Move veggies from skillet to a paper towel. Leave the skillet oiled from the sauté.
4. In a large bowl, whisk together all remaining ingredients (minus the reserved Gruyere) and transfer the mixture back to the skillet.
5. Turn the burner on medium heat and pull up edges of frittata so some of the egg mixture can drain off the top and fill into the bottom of the skillet. Just before the bottom starts to brown, turn off the burner.
6. Move skillet to stove until top of frittata is set. Sprinkle leftover Gruyere cheese on top and put it under the broiler until the cheese is melted and top of frittata browns just a bit.
7. Drizzle truffle oil onto the top of frittata.
8. Let cool for 10 minutes, cut in wedges, and serve in the skillet. Serve with a fresh spring greens salad with sliced cherry tomatoes and Mimosas. It's great!

While everyone is enjoying our lazy, yummie breakfast, Ramona is pacing around the dining room table slapping her shoes together, dropping dirt all over everyone's heads, and trying to hurry us up to go on the trail walk through the woods (which I planned for that morning). I was thinking to myself, "What is the sudden sense of urgency from the one person who was the least outdoorsy?"

Well off we go into the woods and it wasn't 20 minutes into the walk that Ramona comes unraveled and distraught with memories of her childhood spent playing in a wooded area not unlike my property. And I bit her story, hook, line and sinker. . .


When she told me in the woods she was just too emotionally wrought over her childhood to stay, I was so sincere in my belief that I even stuck up for her leaving! I was actually proud of her for trying to overcome it, before realizing it was all an act. What I fool I was! Ramona had bigger plans in the Hamptons that didn't include us -- and this fake panic attack was all part of it!

I wouldn't have even cared if Ramona wanted to go and told me. I would have welcomed a plan for her to stay for one night and then head out. But she chose to lie and play me and the others. She didn't even tell her supposed BFF. I mean look at Sonja! She's actually more upset then Ramona about Ramona's childhood. I should have been defending Kristen more than worrying about Ramona, who is once again only worried about one person -- herself. Let us just agree on this -- And the OSCAR AWARD for best dramatic performance does NOT go to Singer! She needs to remember she is a reality show star not an actress. Know your role Ramona. I say this mostly with jest, because quite frankly I don't really care. But as I watch the show and see her saying that she is "free" when she is getting on the plane to take off, I am disappointed in her behavior.

If you don't blink your eyes you catch us at the incredible Bash Bish Falls. The cops were watching us because they prohibited swimming in the Falls several years ago because too many local kids were getting hurt jumping off and many tourists weren't respecting the Falls and nature etc. But I grew up swimming there and I still do -- and I so whole heartedly respect it! During the week there's never any park police, but on the weekends you have to find swimming holes they can't see from the top. #Holla


Copake Lake is where I grew up and learned to waterski. Not all the girls ski, so Lu and I went after everyone else left to cleanup for dinner. Carole took a video, but she's a much better writer then videographer so I don't have anything to share! LOL. But it was a blast! And Lu was really good!

The day of boating on Copake Lake was all about hanging on the pontoon and enjoying the great outdoors, the tranquility of the refreshing water, and summertime fun with the people who appreciated the invitation to see my life in the Berkshires and I'm so happy you could be there too!

See you next week!


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