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Heather Is All About the Benjamins

Heather talks about her love for Saratoga, losing Sonja, and why she's glad Kristen stepped in to the fight.

Back in the saddle again!

George is back in the -- ahem -- marriage saddle, Sonja is back on a bicycle saddle, and some of the girls are headed to watch the jockey's saddle up and to win some muwlahhh at the Saratoga Raceway! Straight up to the track baby!

Because it's all about the Benjamins, after all!!

Growing up, I spent a lot of time in Saratoga, whether I was competing in high-school athletics, carpooling in caravans with my friends to see our favorite 80s bands rock SPAC, (The Saratoga Performing Arts Center), or to drink beers in the outdoor space there kicking off festivals like Lollapalooza -- or, of course, to learn and test our skills and young luck at the racetrack. I learned to get my gamble on with my big sister Sherry (who lived in Albany at the time) and a good gaggle of her friends who taught me a thing or two about betting. And the secret that I discovered is that mostly. . .it's pure luck! Saratoga is a destination booming with fun and no matter what I am doing when I'm up north, win, lose, draw, or to rock out and party down, Saratoga has always shown me a good time! So, when Lu-Lu suggested we all go for a fun weekend getaway and a day at the track I was signed, sealed, and delivered! Sonja was too and she also knows it quite well, but her experience was from a different perspective than mine. Sonja knew all about the track, where to see and be seen, how to bet, and where to go after the race is complete. But I was more interested in a fun dress up day, testing my learned skills at our luck, and just hangin' out with a few of my closest girls, taking in the thrill and all there is to see!


Radzi and I were the ring leaders in our mini betters circle at The Saratoga Racetrack and that's a bold and mighty HOLLA right there! We were clearly great team leaders! LOL! Hooray! Can you believe we won!?! You can't make that sh-- up, or turn up the volume, or pretend to be someone you are not -- not at the track. The horses don't lie! Nor do the betting gods!

Radz and I came preplanned with 200 bucks to blow off for a few fun bets at the track, but Sonja was tallying her dollar bets and made us feel guilty for wanting to spend it! At first, we were going to put $100 down on the first bet just to get out of the gate and go for it! Lu and Kristen were game too, but after Sonja's $1 betting advice and pure confidence, we felt like we were being silly and took our first bet down to $50 each. Damn you Miss Morgan! That win could-a-been over $6,000 bones! But, we were still thrilled baby! It was just so fun to win! Forget about the fives and tens or even the twenties! Counting your winnings out in hundreds is just so good!

The track is a fun place with lots to do and but tracking someone down is not one of them. We had earlier discussed that after betting on a few of the races from VIP, where we get to watch the races trackside, we would go up to the boxes and see the excitement from the stands. Many of the owners sit up there, and it's a place you often run into people you know. And when Sonja didn't return to VIP or respond to Lu's text, we assumed that's where she had likely gone to and headed that way!

When we arrived, there was no Sonja, but we met several interesting owners, met up with friends, and bet on a few more races, some of which were not even happening at Saratoga, but that we could watch from a TV there -- a race one of the owner's other horses was running elsewhere! It sounds like a scam, and we lost, but it's not! Radzi met a very nice and handsome man who was RICH, but also married! But still, it was a successful day at the races and we were getting ready to head out, rest up, and freshen up for dinner and a night on the town, but with still no word from Sonja. We headed back to the VIP tents to find her. With no sight of her there, we headed home.

I wasn't at all worried when Sonja disappeared at the track, because I knew she had wanted to go to some famous horse auction traditionally held that weekend. When she didn't come around and we couldn't find her, I assumed that is where she went!

But after time went by, I realized I had no idea where said auction was being held or even, to this day, what it's called! I assumed it was somewhere near the track or at the track? And, it's all very exciting. . .a handsome horse owner, some hundred thousand dollar horse sale. . .only like one Lady Morgan would know.

But, as time went by, I became uneasy. By the time Sonja thankfully got home, we were all rested and ready to go for round two, but I was also stressed out and bummed that Sonja had not answered our texts or calls and that upon her arrival her judgment was definitely screwed! I felt it was unfair and irresponsible of her. I was angry and knew it and so did the girls. I talked to Kristen about it and how it had been such a great day! Was she actually trying to spite us over our trifecta of fabulousness? That was just too petty for Sonja!?!  But I certainly did not want to argue with Lady J. I kept it cool and went to see what was up, but when she had the audacity to accuse us of leaving her and then threaten to leave us?


It was just too much! I am over these ladies who shatter well-planned girls weekends because of their own hang-ups! But honestly, if someone wants to leave and they have their own plane or a car and driver, haunted or not, drunk or not -- let 'em go!

I am so grateful that Kristen came to my rescue and didn't allow me to try to reason with someone who wasn't being reasonable. I'm only sorry that things escalated with her and Sonja and then they argued. KT had only the best intention, and she did a good job! She did better than I would have done, up until things got well unreasonable, and infuriating! Although Sonja wasn't drinking Mint Juleps, whatever it was was making her combative and mean. I hoped that with some food and a little TLC (if I could muster the TLC, and ignore that she was totally twisting that it was she, who abandon us) that Sonja would sober up and see we wished she had not wandered and that we had never gotten separated. We were having a great time all-together! And now that she was home, all we just wished she would come down off of her high flying horse and take a chill, because Saratoga has a really cool nightlife and the girls and I didn't want to miss out on spending our winnings out on the town. . .

Tune in next time to see if we place, win, or scratch with Sonja in Saratoga, NY!

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