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Heather on the "Aviva Effect"

Heather Thomson hollas about her birthday bash that went from fun to "uncomfortable" once Aviva Drescher arrived.

By Heather Thomson

Welcome back! Now let's get the party started!

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Well, it has been quite a hiatus for us New York City Housewives. I hoped you all missed us as much as I have missed sharing my crazy and fun life with all of you.

It has been almost two years since we were together but it really has gone by in a flash. Yummie has kept me super busy (We're launching bras in two weeks!), not to mention my most important role as mama and wife to my sweet family, Jax, Ella Rae, and my husband Jonathan. They are always the center of my universe.

I am really excited about this Season and I am sure you are going to be entertained!


Now let's talk about the show. . .

Carole's book is coming out and it's time for the finishing touches including her author photo that goes inside the cover. Carole asked for me to help on the set of her shoot to make her feel more comfortable. Like most people who aren't models, the process of a photo shoot can be daunting -- and I’m more than happy to help out a friend. And thank God I showed up because the photographer was tough as nails! She did nothing to make Carole feel comfortable -- she stood on that ladder and barked orders at her staff and Carole, so it is really kind of funny that I look like the bossy pants of the day! I know my way around a photoshoot and the photographer needed the help quite frankly. The two shots we ended up using were those I directed -- thank you very much -- but Carole hated the outfit so they didn’t make the cover. Not to worry -- we will tweet them out for you to see!


Aviva called me while I was chatting with Carole during hair and makeup and before I answered, I wanted Carole to see who it was. I had a strong feeling Aviva was really just not the right energy for Carole at that moment. Aviva's not the right energy for a lot of the women, and I get it. I chalk it up to bad timing and ignore Aviva's call. I have a party to throw later and all the ladies are coming. I know I am going to have to deal with the "Aviva effect" there and the bad blood she's created with several of the ladies soon enough. So for now it’s best to keep it moving. . .and I can catch up with her later.

I love any excuse to throw a fun party and I thought having the old crew from the Sean "Puffy" Combs days together would be a great way to introduce Josh Taekman and his wife Kristen, the newbie this Season, to the Housewives group. Josh and I worked together for a number of years under Puff and we've been friends for over 15 years. We also share a birthday so we decided to have a joint party celebrating our birthdays and as a throwback to the good ole Puffy days! We just don't get to see enough of the friends we made while working together and the party was the perfect plan to do just that! I love Josh. He is one of the greatest guys you'll ever know. He and I are very passionate about our businesses, our families, and our friendships. I really enjoy the relationships we are now building with each other’s spouses, as couples and as parents. Kristen is Josh's wife and I have enjoyed building an organic relationship with her over the years and getting to know one another via Josh.

Kristen has modeled for me at Yummie and when they moved back to the city from LA it gave us more of an opportunity to spend nights out as couples, share as young mothers do and Josh and Jon get on really well, too. There is a history between us and so there is a natural ease and trust that is unspoken. Kristen is a really great girl so I’m thrilled to get closer with her and introduce her to the girls at the party!

I have not seen Aviva or Sonja for several months and so I am not sure where their relationship stands, but I know Aviva is still on the outs with Ramona. Ramona and I have continued to grow our friendship and spend some time getting to know each other better and I’m happy about that. And after meeting Sonja's new young thang, I can figure out why I haven't seen her in so many months!?!

I was a little nervous about inviting Aviva because I know how she went on Ramona and Sonja and a personality like that just makes you trepidatious, but it’s a party and as long she doesn't insult anyone maybe she can use it as a new stepping stone and an opportunity to redeem herself. Let’s hope so anyway, because upon her arrival. . .you could have cut the tension with a knife. It was more uncomfortable then I had anticipated.


But it looks like Aviva has brought some back up to the party! She has not only Reid in tow, but some woman named Amanda who is an image consultant, whatever that means, without asking me for a plus one or even introducing her to me when she arrived. But if Aviva feels she needs some help with her image, who am I to rain on that parade and maybe this girl is giving her the right advice. However, I'm not so sure because in classic Aviva form, the minute she got a second with Carole all she wanted was Carole’s help with this memoir she's allegedly been writing -- under a rock. Meanwhile, Aviva hasn't seen or had any contact with Carole in months -- does an image consultant also help with etiquette? 

Now Aviva decided to approach Ramona at the party by telling Ramona she has a couple years on her, (implying Ramona’s wisdom??), and asks if they can move forward, but Ramona reminds Aviva that it’s not about an apology, it’s about being a vicious and mean spirited person. Aviva brushes right over it and suggests they celebrate their differences, and as I walk by, I can feel the tension and decide to keep it moving. . .where is that image consultant when you need her? Or maybe Aviva is still making bad choices? We'll have to see how this strategy works out for her.

On a positive note, I’m so happy to see how easily Kristen is getting on with the girls and I'm not surprised! If you can get past your own ego with Kristen's good looks, there is a whole lot to love!

It’s good Ramona gave Aviva another shot after they meeting up for drinks, (no pun intended!), but I can tell you one thing for sure, that was not Aviva’s first shot of alcohol! I don't know why she lied about that, but everyone does deserve a second chance. I do think it’s funny that the very thing Aviva insulted Ramona and Sonja so viscously about, is the very means she uses to get on Ramona’s good side and it seems to be working. Hey, as long as you agree with Aviva, she is pretty easy to get along with. . .and on the story goes!


See ya next week for Ep 2!

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