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Heather Reflects on Milestones

From new jobs to dog ashes, Heather enjoys the many phases of life Sonja, Ramona, Carole, and Aviva shared this episode.


The start of a new career, an engagement, interviewing for new job, the evolution of a friendship, and the passing of a loved one are milestones we cross on tonight's episode.

We are a group of women who have come together to share our lives, create bonds of friendship, celebrate moments, and, yes, even fight on camera in the hope we can shine a little light on the human condition as it is for us and one can take a lesson from us, draw a parallel to our experience, or just laugh at us -- and it's all good.

Kristen's career as a fashion model is in its twilight days and she is exploring new options. She is so strong and is handling it all with humor, which is admirable. It's certainly not easy being compared to a car with a certain amount of mileage! But she takes it in stride.

KT is not ready to throw in the towel yet on being a working mom and when the opportunity to be a fitness model for a training video comes her way she seizes it. While you can see she struggles with the cardio and Josh's teasing, she shines in front of the camera and does herself proud. This could be the beginning of a new path for Kristen and she is running, not walking, that path and I love it.

Aviva is back and hosts a party for her family. After the meal, the perverted, yet weirdly charming George (one can only understand that when you actually meet him) gets engaged to his girlfriend. A milestone for their family and, while many may judge or disagree with this, in the end, you have to live and let live. People make their own choices, but it doesn't mean one can't question said choices, but more about that later. . .In the least, Aviva has embraced the moment and though she acts embarrassed by her father's lascivious banter, she shrugs it off and laughs (just like any daughter must if George is your father and you love him -- which she does!)


Now onto one of my favorite moments, which comes with Carole interviewing candidates that she found on Twitter to be her new assistant. I was howling with laughter as she asks the off-beat and unexpected questions that only Radzi can conjure! Though I was shocked that none of the potential assistants had read her book, several were able to keep up with her sharp and hilarious wit even without a resume? And I loved them all!


We also get the lovable side of Ramona too. At times she can be a ton of fun, supportive and, well, straight up lovable!

Starting a new job is a huge milestone in anyone's life who is serious about it. In the near future, I actually get the unique opportunity to experience the assistant Carole hired! Keep watching and you'll see if she's a keeper!

Ramona and Sonja have seemed to put a Band-Aid over their problems, but I can't help think that Ramona just might be too comfortable in their relationship, and we may be witnessing a right turn on Sonja’s part, or a crossroads or just a scuffle, but I feel something has shifted.

The passing of a loved one is the most difficult milestone to cross. Our lives are a shared experience that is defined from womb to tomb by our connections with our family, our friends, and our pets. Sonja enjoyed and celebrated a relationship of pure love with her beloved Millou for 18 years. And to celebrate that love, and what I believe marks a moment of transition in Sonja's life, we were all there, dressed to the hilt in our best funeral regalia, done up with a little Sonja "sexy J" style. All of us want to support her and honor the life of her love Millou -- whose ashes will finally lay to rest -- on the sidewalk. OK and maybe a little in the river, on the joggers passing by, and in his mother and her loyal intern's lungs! But no matter -- Millou brought us all together and isn't that great.


Tune in next week. . .We keep it moving with a different kind of celebration and some of us girls hit it big! Holla!


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