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Heather Won't Be Played by Aviva

Heather discusses Aviva's salcious text, LuAnn's charity event, and if Miss USA would go for George.

Hanging out in Saratoga was a blast. I'm happy that we were able to chalk our disagreement with Sonja up to a misunderstanding, move on and finish our winning trip with a bang! Sonja kept her buzz going strong, but it was a happy buzz which gave us a chance to get our party on too! It was a winning trip all around!

Back at home, we came out to LuAnn’s luncheon in support of the charity Look Good Feel Better (LGFB), supporting women throughout the entire battle of cancer and bringing the realities of the fight, to light.

Early on at Yummie I created The Survivor Tank, which was based on the same principles as Look Good Feel Better. Sales of the Survivor Tank benefited The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The tank was inspired by my friend Leslie, who was going through radiation at the time -- and, I'm happy to report, is now a breast cancer survivor. Through the creation of the tank (which I designed with two survivors) and my work with The City of Hope, I have learned how many women struggle with the realities of cancer treatment, and have seen what the treatment does on the outside, while fixing the inside. My learnings from these experiences have never left me, and my newest collection of Yummie Bras are good for all women, but can be especially comforting to those undergoing radiation in their fight against cancer. The soft, wireless, no-clasp, construction of Yummie Bras come in two different collections: Seamless and Simply Modern Fit. Please check them out – they’re super Yummie and I am donating a portion of this month's Bra Sales to Look Good Feel Better.

Lu hosted the event along with her friend Bonnie Fuller of Hollywood Life. I've known Bonnie for some time as well and was thrilled to take part in the event hosted by these amazing ladies.

The fundraiser was held at Gallow Green, a beautiful garden on the roof of the McKittrick Hotel in NYC -- home of the famous, must-see Sleep No More production (an unusual, one-of-a-kind experience).  Sleep No More is an interactive production based on Macbeth. Everyone is required to wear a Venetian carnival-style mask and you aren't allowed to talk! Kelly took on the Sleep No More role before her surprise reveal on the catwalk, rocking the mask and keeping quiet. The event was beautiful and in such a gorgeous setting! The fashion show was so fun. I loved watching Kristen strut her stuff on the catwalk and Lu's surprise reveal of Kelly was a great addition. We even had a lovely ceremony in the herb garden where we chose plants that signify things in our lives that need work, and planted them to help us grow (which you don't see). But bottom line, it was a meaningful afternoon that was thoughtfully planned.

Unfortunately, I get prodded into opening a ridiculous text that Aviva sends to me at a table of ladies lunching that says, her father George and his young fiancé, had recently participated in a threesome at Aviva's home with a former Miss USA. Whhhaat!!?? What could possibly be next in the George saga? The text was too much, especially in the charity setting we were in -- what a contrast. When Aviva nudged me to read what she had sent, and I finally read it, I had to laugh out loud! I thought, "What could possibly be next with these people!?!"  The whole situation with George is just so crazy. I couldn't do anything but laugh and pass the ridiculousness around when she said I should. Why not? This was just too much! What I did not realize however, is that we were not only causing a stir, but that the joke of this said "threesome," was on a former Miss USA, who was not only at the luncheon, but at the very next table! What a coincidence!?! I guess Aviva one-upped LuAnn on the surprise guest! And it surely begs the question, why did Aviva feel the need to share gossip about this young lady? And at such a lovely event? And how did she get there, this former Miss USA? It was just all so calculated -- so Aviva! I only wished I hadn't fallen prey to her scheme. But the good news is, the minute I turned and saw this young, drop-dead-beauty she had earlier greeted was this former Miss USA the one being gossiped about!? I knew, immediately -- it was bullsh--. That girl? With George? Yeah right. It was laughable! You wish George! LOL.

I actually credit Ramona's chutzpah going right on over to this former Miss USA to question her about George and Cody. And I credit Singer for telling this young lady that gossip was being spread about her and that George was saying they had all spent the night together, in the case she didn't know!

Sonja said it best, when it comes to George and Aviva, "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree" and the shock-value of it all -- a beautiful young woman sitting in the room with us, who allegedly, sexes it up with old men and young step-mothers to-be -- was far too much for Aviva to resist! Juice this good? How could she keep it to herself!? At least Radzi held it down in the interim and drove the price of Kelly's dress up, bidding against Aviva. It was for a great cause and I was cheering for the win! Vivie's got to owe someone for her behavior and antics, turning a beautiful luncheon into a comedy show, while attacking the reputation of a well achieved young woman? What started out as silly Drescher-drama turned out to be a bit of heresy, with a whole lot of I don't think so mixed in. I am only sorry that I was involved in any of it in any way.

On a happier note, did anyone notice Carole's glowing kryptonite ring? My little girl Ella Rae helped me style my look for Lu's luncheon. She lent me her hand bag, which was this sweet Lucite Barbie purse that she felt perfectly suited my dress and it did! She then proceeded to deposit some of her baubles in to help accessorize Carole's look, too sweet! I have a little fashionista on my hands, and it proves that sometimes it's not bad when the apple lands close to the tree. . .

When Aviva throws an Art Party a few days later to get others opinions on what she should hang on her walls, she pleasantly includes one of my favorite pieces of Victoria de Lesseps. Victoria created the concept and worked on the piece for a project at art school and I am so lucky to have seen it in its early stages and after completion. In a word, it's magnificent!

Now, Lu is pissed and trying to get to the bottom of this situation with Aviva carrying on at her charity event about this former Miss USA whom neither she nor Bonnie invited! And who wasn't on the guest list! The never ending twists go on! Immediately it turns into a confrontation, Aviva escalating it all and trying to frame me for passing the gossip! Thankfully, I went to see Victoria's piece and had the opportunity to overhear, and I set things straight from the peanut gallery! But, none-the-less, Aviva proceeds to dig into Lu about being a "Countess" and morals, and all kinds of other gobbledygook that's unimpressive. Honesty and reasoning are impressive Drescher. And once again, she just goes to sick.


Within minutes Aviva has idolized Victoria on her one hand, and then quickly de-values her on the other. Sound familiar? Yes. Well, at least she is consistent. It would have been nice if she'd only unwrapped the piece before she'd changed her mind about it.

It would have been nice if she'd only unwrapped the piece before she'd changed her mind about it. It's Aviva's way or the high way--her terms, or none at all. Whenever she's confronted over her choices, her actions, or her behavior, she just goes in and hard, every time. And, why does she always have a bar set up in her bedroom? It’s all very strange and quite funny how her health throughout it all seems stellar for someone well, so very sick. . .

Tune in next week to see more of what I mean on Season 6 of RHONY and stop DVRing the show! Watch live and tweet along with me!!

See you next Tuesday with maybe three or four other Chiquita's! Holla!! xo h

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