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Kristen: "All Hell Broke Loose"

Kristen gives Sonja props for her Caburlesque, dishes on meeting the Countess, and relives #BookGate in the Hamptons.

Sonja, Sonja, Sonja -- always LATE!

Who doesn’t love "Sonja with a Sexy J," as Heather always says. She is truly just fabulous! Her Caburlesque performance was great. It was. I give her props for getting up there and performing. I sure as hell could not have done that! Could she have been more prepared? Yes, absolutely, but that's her way of doing things. Her way kinda just works. People love it. She has this way of just pulling it off. She is beautiful and smart and just so damn sexy. How amazing does her body look?! I do think that Sonja could be doing a show like that for a living. Vegas, baby, Vegas. She was born to perform!


Sonja and her interns. The car battery, bringing her drinks at parties, no hot water in her house in the city? Every time I went over there you couldn't use the downstairs bathroom because of plumbing issues? I really think she needs to get rid of everyone pay a handyman and pay one great qualified person to come in and manage her. Maybe a professional assistant? But, that's just me.

Surfing -- That was a great idea that Carole had. It was nice to take my mind of the Spartan race and BookGate, and the other ladies in general. It's fun to have some good QT time with girlfriends. And it always helps when there are cute surfer boys in the mix! Josh is a great surfer! He taught me how to surf years ago in Costa Rica -- hard but fun, fun, fun! Ditch Plains in Montauk is the beach we usually hang out at so it was cool to be there for the day!


It was so nice to finally meet LuAnn. I had heard so much about her. Beautiful, from Connecticut, we grew up a town away from each other, both Models. I think we are going to have fun together this summer! Glad that she is around.

Amanda Sanders. From the moment I met her I just didn’t get the image consultant thing, right? Please tell me you know what I mean! She was just so rude the night of Sonja's big show. Classless, and just plain old DRUNK. You get up there, honey, and see how you do! Heather was right. Who the hell keeps inviting her? Oh right. . .Aviva. . .

Ugh, the night of LuAnn's barbecue started so great. Lu's house is just so amazing! It was a beautiful summer night. Lu is such a wonderful host on every level. It was very awkward for us all knowing that both Aviva and Carole were there, but we put that aside and were all having a great time.


I was so excited that the two of them were finally going to be in the same room together so they could hopefully hash it out and we could stop with the she said/she said. Then all hell broke loose. I really don’t know what happened. I tried and tried to talk but after a few tries, I just didn’t care anymore. I was ready to go. SOOOO over this #Bookgate.

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