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Kristen: It's Not OK to Throw a Glass at Anyone

Kristen cannot believe Ramona would act the way she did in the Berkshires -- or that she'd use her past as an excuse.

By Kristen Taekman

UGGG. . .My heart was pounding watching this episode. It was obviously a big one for me. Imagine being the "new" girl and the "old" girl is picking on you.

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It's interesting that she was talking about me when I approached the canoe. And then my splashing her just added fuel to her already over-heated fire.


BUT IT IS NOT OK TO THROW A GLASS AT ANYONE!!! SHE DREW BLOOD, MY BLOOD FOR GOD’S SAKE!!! I didn't even realize that I was bleeding until Carole said something and then I could taste it running into my mouth. The only comforting thing was learning that Lu was a nurse, but I just wanted to get out of that water clean my lip and assess the damage.

PS: My two and five year old know better than to throw anything at someone!

In all honesty, it is just not OK and can't be tolerated. She needs some serious anger management. What happened to the days of having a conversation or some level of communication. . .You know like Aviva -- she is good at talking things out. . .#STFU

Ramona accepted the invitation to join us all in the Berkshires. She needs to stop complaining and just embrace it and enjoy it. I don't really understand where she was going with her childhood issues and the woods -- but that's something that she has had plenty of time to work out. . .PLENTY OF TIME. And if it triggers violence in her, then she certainly should not put anyone else in harm's way if her temper can be that explosive.

Berkshires versus Hamptons: Hamptons is wonderful beach and community, but Berkshire is just as wonderful with lakes, woods, rivers, and fresh air. Heather and I grew up the same way. I really had a great time in the Berkshires with the girls and loved Heather's place. I probably could have taken a pass on getting a GLASS THROWN IN MY FACE but net/net had a great time.

As far as the Josh helping out Sonja thing. . .let's be clear, Sonja is amazing! She is brilliant, smart gorgeous, and so damn talented in so many ways. But, let's be honest, she is all over the place and needs some help and dose of reality. Last time I checked she is my friend and friends help friends. My husband is great at marketing and branding and knows tons of people that could help her -- and thought it would be great for Sonja to get an outside opinion and some suggestions. Josh is not good at the sugar coating. He pretty much tells it like it is -- and I think this may have been then first time she has been told all of those things. . .with no sugar on top. But it's the truth. Does any one else remember last episode at the winery where Sonja went on and on about all of these businesses and not one of the girls knew what she was talking about? Ramona was just as confused and if your friends are confused by your businesses, then you may need to take a step back and get a handle on it.


Ramona saying that I need to muzzle Josh??? We are at a table amongst friends. Oh right, I get it -- you would prefer that we leave the dinner and all talk about the same things privately to each other in circles for a few weeks and get the story all contorted? No! Josh and I are concerned. Heather tried and has no more energy for Miss Morgan's business affairs. No one else seems to care,  so I am trying to help her and Josh really wanted to try and help her.

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