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Kristen Talks Josh's Little Jabs

Kristen says her "pimp daddy" is just being funny and focuses on what Millou's funeral really means.

WINK is my dear friend Ilse's store in NYC. It's one of my favorite places to shop, so I was so happy that the girls decided to met me there! At this point, I was obviously still rattled by the #lipcident with Ramona. I am more annoyed by the lack of remorse from her then anything. What possesses this woman to throw things at other people? A good recap with the girlfriends always make it better! And how funny to learn about all of Ramona's nicknames? #Tweetme what were they again? @kristentaekman

Sonja invited us all to her doggy funeral. Any excuse to dress up indeed. Poor Millou, poor Sonja. What's this -- the dog was GAY? I missed that season?

JCore Audition: Camel toe what? Who? Nice Josh. Always trying to be funny. . .

For modeling, I am going on castings and auditions all the time. This one was big for me. I wanted this. I knew it would be a great fit for me, my lifestyle, and that it fits great with EBOOST. I wanted it!

Ugh the actual audition part of it was brutal! Ah! I have had to do lots of things for auditions -- sing, dance, "act", jump, eat, drink, etc. But yoga moves were as far as I had gone in the exercise realm. OHHHHHH LORDY was this HARD! Halfway through I was thinking, "I don't know if I can do this!" I did it and survived while looking decent on-camera, I hope. We shall see if I get the gig!?! Thanks Marci for thinking of me!

Carole interviewing assistants was SOO Funny. I have to say even Ramona was hilarious! How did these people not read her book or bring a resume? Ohh and Carole's questions. Do you know how to operate a fog machine? I love it!!! Brilliant!


"My little black secret" -- straight out of Georges mouth referring to his new fiance. No secret any more George! I still can not believe that Aviva is related to that man. WOW! I still have yet to meet him. OHHH #staytuned


I got the JCore Job! I got the job! Yippee! Figures that Josh is there to watch me shoot the video. He can make time for that. It's business, I guess. After all he is my "pimp daddy." It's very hard for me to have him around for that stuff. It just makes me nervous. Ugh. What people don't realize is that Josh and I are always joking with each other and his little jabs are actually jokes we usually find funny -- but doesn't translate too well on TV. #notgoodfortv

The cool part is that this whole 20-minute exercise video was shot in my living room (and you can see its not huge)! OMG it was soo hard! We had to shoot and reshoot each exercise. I was so beat!!! Thank god for #EBOOST. I only had a few weeks to prepare so it was not so easy for me. Jay is really an awesome guy. His wife and I have become close. Kingsley "dates" their son who is the same age. It nice to work with people that you really like. Great news is this Body Back DVD works!! 20 minutes in a 4x4 space no weights. 20 minutes and you are done! Check out the final DVD at Get your Body Back!!! It really works!!! 

Millou's funeral: I grew up with dogs and loved our dogs growing up. I feel that I am much more of a cat person generally. I did not have the pleasure of meeting Millou so going to his funeral I didn't seem to quite get it. But after watching it, I realized how important this dog was to Sonja and how it meant so much more than losing her dog and saying goodbye to him -- but also saying goodbye to so many things the he represented in her past.

Beautiful ceremony. And folks if you ever come to NYC to visit, you too may take home some Millou. He may still be on the sidewalk. LOL. Note to self check the wind before dispersing ashes in the river.


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