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LuAnn: Aviva Didn't Ask an Innocent Question

LuAnn understands Carole's desire to confront Aviva, but wonders if there was a better time than the housewarming party.

By Luann de Lesseps

Hello my friends! I'm glad you liked my first blog, and I can't wait for you to see me on the show beginning April 1. Until then, I'll provide you with my insight into what is happening with the RHONY.

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I can see how Carole would think it's strange that Aviva wears similar glasses, yet who doesn't get fashion ideas from their friends and who doesn't like a trend now and again? What made this whole situation weird was that Aviva admitted to copying Carole. Only the Housewives could make something benign as reading glasses into a point of contention. I love to wear fun glasses (and capes)! Carole should know that fashion statements like sartorial glasses become trendy when enough wearers copy the look.

When I read a memoir, I imagine the author telling the story in her own voice -- even if she hired help to get her words on paper. Nonetheless, Carole's memoir of the time following her husband's death is deeply personal, and I find it hard to imagine that she didn't write this book herself.

Aviva is crafty and she doesn't ask "innocent" questions (nor do most of the Housewives, who often have ulterior motives). Aviva shouldn't have asked Carole if she used a ghostwriter because it's assumed when no one else's name is on the book jacket that she authored the work herself. Aviva may think Carole was being condescending, but Carole was finding it difficult to take Aviva seriously after she claimed writing her memoir was as easy as writing emails. I think Aviva felt threatened and resorted to hurtful accusations.


You have to be pretty confident and be very uninhibited to have your at-home spray-tanning session filmed for all to see! I say, "Thanks for sharing ladies!" I respect Sonja and Kristen’s decision but for me, spa activities are better done solo.

Aviva couldn't resist stirring the pot when she shared the rumor that Carole had a ghostwriter with Ramona and Heather. I was surprised that Aviva would confide in Heather or Ramona since both ladies are Carole's friends. This wasn’t a smart move as Aviva is trying to build friendships. Aviva is a lawyer and she should know that slander could get her in trouble.


I loved the scene where Sonja sharpies her bags! It's a great trick for black bags and shoes when you don’t have the time or the money to spend on new ones. It shows that Sonja has a frugal side and that she understands the fabulousness of vintage.

I wasn't surprised that Ramona encouraged Heather to tell Carole about Aviva's rumor mongering because Heather and Carole are good friends. You never know with Ramona if she’s inciting conflict or really trying to stay neutral for the time being!

Back to Book-Gate, the only name on Carole's book is her own and that suggests to me that she did not employ a ghostwriter. Carole is absolutely justified to defend herself and she shouldn't let Aviva spread malicious rumors that could impact her livelihood. In Carole's situation, I would have confronted Aviva, but I would have chosen a more appropriate time than her housewarming party, an event that Carole should have opted not to attend. Regardless, Aviva’s rumor could have significant impact on Carole's career and I understand why Carole would want to nip this situation in the bud.

Get ready for more drama! Until next week. . .bisous.

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