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LuAnn: I Knew Ramona Would Try to Flee

LuAnn understands why Kristen called Ramona a monster and thinks once again Ramona is out-of-line.

I must say Heather is a great hostess, but even she cannot fix you when you've indulged just a little too much. It always seems like such a good idea at the moment. Anyway, we had so much fun together, it was worth it! I wish the yoga class had started just one hour later -- to give us a chance to recover. But, in retrospect, it was probably the best thing in the world we could have done for ourselves!


When you are off-center it's hard to balance, so I guess that's why most of us, especially Sonja, kept tipping over. She said I was in bad shape. HA! There was a lot of wind coming from her side of the class, and unfortunately it wasn't the smell of jasmine!

It was nice when Carole asked my advice on manners. She know it's something I care about! When it comes to bringing a great hostess gift, it's so personal -- but I love getting candles that smell really good. Whether you use them in the kitchen or the bedroom, it's a gift that everyone can use. My other favorites are a great red wine or flowers a friend cuts from their garden and brings in a vase. Just add water!

I really like Carole and know that she enjoys dating, so when I saw Nick recently I thought they would be a good match.

I realized Carole thought so too because he made her a little nervous, which is always a good sign a girl likes a boy! I don't think Carole needs a matchmaker. She has plenty of guys that would like to date her!

I know Ramona so well and knew she would try to flee when confronted. I love the fact that Heather picked the perfect location for the intervention (a banquet). I think it was high time Ramona got called out for her lying to us and for using her past to get out of being with us in the Berkshires.

Ramona has to know you don't treat your friends that way, and she has to come to terms with her anger issues -- especially when it comes to her throwing things at peoples faces when she feels like it. I think she was truly remorseful and understood she needed to adjust her behavior moving forward. I hope we see a change.


Ramona giving flowers to Kristen was a nice gesture, and Kristen seemed happy at that moment. But the mood quickly changed when they rehashed the incident in the Berkshires. I don't think flowers were enough to make it all go away so quickly!

To add insult to injury, Ramona insinuated Kristen was a bad mother, and that's never OK. It's not the first time Ramona has accused someone of being a bad mother. One should never judge another mother when it comes to how they raise their children. Ramona doesn't know anything about Kristen's family and it was out-of-line. MONSTER seemed appropriate to me!

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