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LuAnn on Ramotions and the Stairwell Fight

LuAnn would like to avoid fights on stairwells for safety reasons, thinks a book is not a baby, and wonders if Ramona protests too much.

The drama really heats up in this episode with the continuation of Aviva and Carole's BookGate quarrel and an adventure race gone awry where you see our newest housewife taking "mud flinging" to a whole new level!

It doesn't look Aviva and Carole will make up anytime soon after Aviva shared the "word on the street" about Carole using a ghostwriter for her first book. What street?

Clichés aside; Aviva shouldn't have used this phrase. She might have said exactly where she heard this gossip and who said it so that Carole could defend herself. Instead, what we see is Carole losing her temper and shouting at Aviva as if this would deescalate the situation! If I were at the party, I would have pulled Carole away from the staircase argument just as Aviva's stylist did for Aviva. Nothing good can come of tempers flaring on a steep staircase in the middle of a party -- and someone could have gotten hurt.


Heather is a loyal friend and she's got Carole's back because she believes that Carole wrote her book and she understands the importance Carole puts on her career. Ramona's protestations of how she doesn't want to get in the middle between Aviva and Carole are hysterical. . .She doth protest waaay too much! When Ramona opens her eyes super wide and raises her voice an octave, you can assume that she's not being truthful about just how much she enjoys stirring the pot.

Sonja working with her interns is always fun to watch! I'm not so sure why Sonja needs so many interns, but she's been hiring young people for years now and I can imagine for some of these kids it's been a very eye-opening experience. For most, a paid internship with a company is probably a better bet, but not as much fun.

Kristen is entitled to her opinion that Carole is jealous of Aviva's foray into the publishing world, but I have to disagree with this assessment. I think Kristen is trying to stay neutral and maybe is afraid of getting on Aviva's bad side?

I can understand Ramona getting emotional about Avery leaving for college in the near future and how seeing Avery dressed up to go the prom would trigger her Ramotions. Having a child leave home for college is never easy -- especially if you have a close relationship like Victoria and I do. I think it's much harder for the parent than for the child. But once Victoria was settled into her school and I saw how happy she was, I felt better and I'm sure Ramona will too.


A career is not a baby. . .Nothing changes you more than becoming a mother. I think Carole likes children and she was very affectionate with her little guests and she clearly has a soft spot for little Ella, Heather’s girl. Yet I don’t think Carole would have reacted to Aviva's accusations any differently if she had children. Many women care very deeply about their professions after becoming mothers, and I don't think Carole approaches her career any differently than the millions of hardworking mothers trying to balance family and their jobs.

The Spartan Race is a race, which means that as a participant, you should try to win! I don't think it was Heather's job to babysit Kristen during the race and a good friend would want Heather to do the best she could. Kristen doesn't like to run so it's no surprise that she didn't like racing through mud and barbed wire! I would have approached this race with a can-do attitude and I would have tackled the challenge with good cheer for my competitors.


Until next week, bisous!

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