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LuAnn: Sonja Could Care Less

LuAnn weighs in on Aviva's asthma, Montana as a destination, and why she was deeply disappointed in Sonja.

I must say when Kristen brought up going to Montana I wasn't that excited. I've spent alot of time traveling and I know Montana is pretty isolated and the thought of being in a place like that with these women (expecially Ramona) wasn't going to be your usual safari ride. When I got there I was really happy I went. The nature and all the great adventures and people we met along the way was awesome!

I can see whey Aviva wouldn't want to come to Montana due to her asthma. Do I believe she really did want to go? Yes, but I think she has cried wolf with all her ailments in the past so many times that it makes her less believable. She went from being scared of flying, elevators, heights, boats, etc. . .and quite suddenly to asthma?

No wonder Kristen didn't believe Aviva really had asthma when she invited her to Montana? I thought Kristen's reaction was pretty strong. If someone told me they had asthma (it can occur quite suddenly) I don't know if I would of reacted with the same amount of doubt! Aviva whipping out the meds and throwing them around the room certainly didn't help Kristen to believe her?


Sonja's interns are truly dedicated to her! Picking out underwear surely was not a requirement when her intern got hired. Picking underwear for a trip like Montana surely wasn't as exciting as picking them out for her one night stands! All in a days work! Picking underwear will look great on their resumes moving forward. . .Listed under the FUN section of the resume of course.

When we went to Montana of course Kristen's husband Josh was left with the children. It think its totally normal to ask for help from Kristen's parents if he needed it. Why not? I've met Kristen's parents who are lovely people from CT and surely they were happy to have their grandchildren while Josh had a break in the Hamptons.

I've never been anyone's shadow, certainly not to Sonja! I hardly see Sonja because she recently has not been a friend to me. I always do the inviting. . .She stays at my home in the Hamptons with me and my kids. I invite her to many parties, and even make picnics, etc.! I've always been a good friend to her so, unless she reciprocates she will not be hearing from me anytime soon! She can keep Ramona any day!

Ramona is a total pain when she's not happy! I wanted her to be happy so we could set off on our ride with the horses. I didn't want Kristen to take the fall again for not being a good hostess so I offered Ramona my horse. I must say I'm happy I did because he turned out to be a much better ride than her horse. Ramona's was slow!

Finally it was time for dinner in the horse training stables. It was kinda neat to eat where the horses settle down for the night. . .I was glad fish was on the menu!

I thought this was a good time to talk to Sonja about what her facialist has been saying about Carole and myself. Normally I would have expected her to be more understanding about how we felt -- but it became obvious to me she could care less. I decided to leave because I was truly very disappointed by her reaction and the smell of horse dung was getting to me!

The adventures continue.

Until then. . .Bisous!

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