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LuAnn: The Party Got the Best of Sonja

LuAnn discusses Sonja's partying ways, Ramona's horrifying behavior at the engagement party, and George's low blow.

This week's episode starts off with an interrogation of poor Cody. That girl had no idea what was coming when she entered into George's life! How did George get so lucky is my question? Must've been his sweet talking ways. LOL!

I give her credit for putting up with Sonja and Aviva's grilling. I feel like she was really open and honest with them both. I genuinely think she really does love George or she's a very good liar. The idea of her and George having kids is insane. Certainly Cody knows what a danger it would be to have a child with sperm that's 80-plus years old -- frozen or not???

I loved our trip to Saratoga, and I didn't have to drive this time, which made it even better. I'm a fan of gambling and so I thought what better than a trip to see the best horse racing in the world. I like any occasion one gets to wear a nice dress and hat! On top of that. . .WE WON!!

Sonja loves to call me Pumpkin Head, but that nickname is really the brain child of Carole. She always compliments me on how I photograph so beautifully and that's how it started. Those girls love to tease me, but I'd rather have a Pumpkin Head over a Pin Head any day!

I thought Ramona's behavior at the engagement party was horrifying. She really doesn't listen to Sonja! The one thing she asked her to not do, she shamefully did. Not only that, she continued on and on about her finances and all sorts of things that are none of Ramona's business. I thought Cody handled it like a lady, she really had no other choice than walk away. I'm so glad I missed that party, although I'm curious to check out the museum! It really was the perfect venue for someone like George!


I love to hang out with Sonja when Ramona's not around. Sonja is a totally different person when Ramona isn't always looking over her shoulder. I know that she and Ramona are close, and I'm not the jealous type -- but I do feel Sonja values her friendship more with Ramona than me. I will never understand why? The park is so beautiful for biking and our picnic was delicious. I didn't realize Sonja was such a nervous bike rider and it's a miracle the wine bottle survived. We had a great time and that's why I invited her to come to Saratoga. Luckily Ramona was busy.

I wasn't worried about Sonja when she blew us off at the track because I knew she had found some friends or most likely ran into a tall handsome stranger in the crowd! I love Sonja because I know she loves to have fun and is the life of the party -- but it seems the party got the best of her this time around. I imagined she wouldn't leave the house, she was just trying to make us think so hoping we would run after her. Child psychology 101!


Now, let's discuss George and Ramona. It's not their first time in the boxing ring. I thought they were both so rude to each other and it's a pity one of them didn't take the high road! It was ugly and embarrassing to watch them throw one punch after the next! What both of them said to each other was awful and George went too far at the end of the match by giving Ramona a final blow over the head with his line about her V! YUCK. Really George?


Till next week MY FRIENDS, $$$

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