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Lady Morgan's House Is Not Crumbling Down

Sonja explains why Ramona's words hurt her, what's really going on with her assets, and why she is so sick of #BookGate.

By Sonja Morgan

4th of July in the Hamptons! Boy did the fireworks really fly this week!

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Ramona's photo shoot was funny because Coco never looks at the camera. She wanted me to come by, so despite everything that I was doing at the time, I dragged Marley out of the house and dropped in. No dog is smarter than Millou -- and Marley is "not the sharpest tool but he is pretty" and growing on. He does a lot of charity work with me since Millou passed away! They always say a dog's mouth is cleaner than a human's. I always share my glass!

Jax is a beautiful child. So gorgeous with personality like his mother. It gets so emotional when she receives the phone call that he is eligible for the surgery. I really respect the work Heather does to raise money for the Kellner Family Pediatric Liver Disease Foundation. As someone who does multiple charity fundraisers, I know how hard it is to bank. Heather worrying about Jax puts the whole BookGate and the back-and-forth insults with Aviva in perspective. I'm very happy Heather has a change of heart at the BBQ on the beach where she encouraged Aviva to talk to Carole.

The fight between Kristen and Aviva got heated immediately at the soap place! Kristen's comment about Ramona's eyes with the doll was awkward and mean. I agree with Aviva on this one. Kristen is new to the group and is really trying to get her word in edgewise. With this group you all know that it is impossible! She seems too high energy, too early.

Aviva's f-bomb was another thing. Everyone is getting on everyone's nerves at this point.

Kristen talking to Ramona about us not going to Heather's anniversary party was uncalled for. Ramona is right -- it is not her place. I texted Heather, and she said she understood. Ramona sent flowers the next day and admitted she was too chicken to tell her the night of. I had the opportunity to go to France to get my house sold, or possibly get financing on it, and I took it. Heather wished me well and said to call her when I got back. I'm sure she was too busy to call me with the party and all.

It has not been easy dealing with everything that is on my plate, but, like I have done throughout my entire life, I am managing everything while staying in the moment. Raising my daughter as a single mom with no divorce settlement, working on the show, managing my houses and finances while developing my businesses is hard. I have been separated from my ex-husband since 2005, when my daughter was five years old, and my goal has always been to main stability for her in her childhood home. That I have done. As I said to Ramona, money doesn't grow on trees. Raising a daughter is an overtime job in itself!


Ramona's comment about the Caburlesque was hurtful to me because she was not there and she heard it from someone else. It made me feel that she was not being supportive. A true businesswoman manages more than one thing at a time. Ramona manages her Pinot Grigio, jewelry line, and skin care line. My houses, the assets, my financial investments that I gained over the years, and the lawyers that I deal with on a daily basis are a part of my business. There is much more to my life than just managing my houses. My daughter is thriving and getting straight As and has plans to go to top schools in the country.

My lifestyle IS my brand. My contacts ARE currency in my business. Sonja In The City is known for the press and the big names it attracts. When I broker a deal, plan a charity, or do a performance, it is not name-dropping. Those are solid players I can count on. Behind-the-scenes I am getting access to top venues and private locales in St. Barth's, the Hamptons, London, and Morocco and sponsors and tradeouts with fabulous people in attendance -- through my hard-earned and maintained contacts.

Lady Morgan's house is not crumbling down. Being in a Chapter 11 doesn't mean that I cant pay my bills or spent money that I don't have. Chapter 11 is a restructuring of your assets -- not a Chapter 7 or a liquidation. When I was in the movie business I gave hundreds of people jobs, and some at very high salaries. I ran the production business out of my townhouse with many full-time employees. When one movie deal memo went sour, I got this judgment against me and filed the Chapter 11 to protect and restructure my assets to have time to decide out how to pay this $7 million judgment for a $15 million dollar film that Sonja Productions LLC offered to partially raise money for.

It's very unfortunate, but it's a risky business. I am selling my house in France and keeping my daughter in her childhood home in New York. I'm managing a lot while being on this show and doing my 20-minute red carpet and 20-minute recipes, press junkets, and meetings with potential investors for my lifestyle brand -- and I'm just fine. My charity work means a lot to me, and I didn't appreciate Ramona's comments at her cocktail party. My art is my way of expressing myself through self deprecating humor, and I was surrounded by 90-plus off-Broadway and Broadway performers who all donated their time to the cause.

I have been an artist, performer, and comedian my entire life, since my pageant, modeling, and acting days. All of my friends and the hundreds of people that came to the Sonja In The City Caburlesque charity event enjoyed my cameo that we used as a calling card to sell tickets. I didn't like when LuAnn said that it could have been more polished.

I was not naked on stage. I was in a swimsuit and bustier when the dancers didn't deliver a costume as promised. I'm not a quitter. If it were more polished, there would be no money left for the charity; it wasn't Broadway, we were at the beach raising money the the Long Island LGBT youth center! Many Broadway producers were there and loved it. I was invited to perform at Birdland with Josh Flagg after Lorna Luft and Liza Minnelli when Lorna did a breast cancer fundraiser and we had a ball. We only gain by experience. I would do it again! I've signed up for dance classes again.

My comment to Ramona about her Rose wine is much more than you see. I know that Ramona is going to try so many more bottles and fine tune everything. Once it is perfect, then the Ramona Rose will be out! That is the essence of our friendship. Ramona and I can make these comments and look back at them and not get ugly towards each other. I got through ToasterGate with Heather without name calling as well. We trust each other.

The next day I found an earring in my dress and thought it was LuAnn's. It actually turned out to be Ramona's! It fell down my dress as she was hugging me. I like to say that it is from LuAnn screaming in my ear though!

LuAnn is a performer as well, and I know that she understands why I was upset when she didn't support me in my argument with Ramona.

When she wore that headdress at Jill's birthday party (and in general when she performs all glammed up), with her height, it's like the glamorous drag queens -- tall and glamorous! She does have a beautiful girl's body -- but she did piss me off. She hates when I call her LuMann. Hates it!!!

By the time the BBQ on the beach came around, I was over the drama of BookGate and everything else that the girls were getting into. I didn't want to get involved. We were in a fabulous house on Meadow Lane in Southampton. Some of the most fabulous people live in that area, many of whom are good friends of mine. In fact, I know the guy that owned that house before the present owner. May he RIP. He died in his fifties -- so young, rich, gorgeous, and with a beautiful wife and kids. This reminded me that life is short. There were other people at the party who just wanted to be in the moment, enjoy the lobster and wine, feel the sand under their feet, and see the stars in the sky -- plus ABBA was playing next door!

It was Fourth of July weekend in the Hamptons and I wasn't letting the bickering ruin it for me.

Tune in next week when I go off on LuAnn and Ramona at the vineyard when they are Debbie Downers! That didn't last.


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