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Sonja: Aviva Is in a Fragile State

Sonja is more worried about Aviva's ghostly complexion than her ghostwriter, talks teeth, and swears Ramonja is over the Aviva drama.

By Sonja Morgan

Are you a well wisher? Or a doom wisher? Or I guess that's another word for sociopath! I told you guys there's one in every 15 people. Scary! No wonder Aviva is asking everyone if they are a well wisher. Beats the alternative -- not that a sociopath is going to admit to wishing harm on others.

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We see more of Reid as he comes to Aviva's defense and says he was there with three women that said Carole didn't write the book. So this leads us to believe Aviva is not making it up. However, I still say neither girl should be asking who wrote what, since this whole thing is out of control! Everyone really seems to have ganged up on Aviva who is, in my eyes, in a fragile mental and health state. Is it just me or it shows as well?!?  She's getting thinner, paler, and forget a ghostwriter -- she looks like Casper the ghost herself!

Really, what came out in front of Lu's kitchen when I blurted my say to Carole is that Carole is holding a grudge against Aviva for her behavior towards Ramona and I last season in St Barth's. But the punishment for that crime is delayed! #Ramonja is already moving on. But unfortunately Carole and Heather were the last to figure out what was going on back then -- and now they want to vent. You can't say Ramona and I didn't lash out in retaliation towards Aviva back then. We were knee deep in that cow dunk and shoveled it right out the barn door. Looks like Heather wants to do the same with some s--- kicking heels.


I can't believe how lucky I am to have the beautiful house in Southampton from Nestseekers International Realty. I sent them referrals in the past and never asked for a commission, and they were there to support me and make sure my daughter and I were very comfortable on world the famous Deerfield Road in a beautiful 7,000 square-foot home! HOO HA! We sure enjoyed it and I loved sharing it with my friends, the interns and those who support me.

Like I said #TeamSonja is no less than 35 people! Aviva said it takes a village! I know! I know! You can't hear that phrase anymore.

My dear friend, Executive Chef Seth Levine of Georgica Restaurant and Lounge is also #TeamSonja for a long time now and was so kind to put on the spread of lobster, shrimp, waffles stuffed with ricotta, and so much more! I have been there for him in the past to help him promote his new restaurants and ventures, and he was there for me in true Top Chef form. It was so delicious! With a little help from my wonderful gracious friends, I get by. All will work out in the end.

How about Reid's mothers advice -- Fixodent vs. Polident? Hilarious stuff. Good thing the body is hanging in there cuz the teeth aren't! I had an appointment for after the weekend with Dr. Charles Lennon and he patched me up -- but in the end, Dr. Marc Lazare turned me on to Dr. Nicholas Toscano. Dr. Toscano treats my psychic Roberta because she needs a mouth full of implants and now I need one done! That's a permanent solution that takes eight months. Even for one tooth. But it's a short two visits. I have been worried about Roberta because the implants are very costly and the ensuing infection can really harm a person.


At Dr. Sadick's office, Aviva and I were really having a heart-to-heart with the facial masks on. But how can anyone watching us take us seriously? We look like. . .ghosts! Whoops. There is that word again. Carole's going to kill me. I really hope the sting goes out of this argument soon. I wanted to "return to sender" this Aviva last year. It took me awhile to forgive.

Aviva puts on a brave face, but she had a hard time getting up those stairs for arts and crafts. I noticed. There are a lot of things she can't do with a prosthetic that she doesn't admit or talk about. This is the first time we really see Reid's intimate side with Aviva. I know I joshed him into wearing a wedding ring, but this is more serious stuff. He HAS stood by Aviva. It takes a lot of strength to go back to the scene of the accident -- and it's important that she does.

Aviva said it was her friend's idea to play with the machine, but it' nobodys fault. I would definitely blame someone for some long time, but they were kids. It would have been easy to panic and not turn the machine off, even if you were an adult. When my daughter fell in the pool at 18 months old, everyone around her panicked and I had to calmly walk into the pool and take her out, making sure not to harm myself so I could save her. And one of those people was a trained professional caregiver! The other was my ex-husband. I know firsthand that people panic. I think I don't panic because I always imagine the worst happening in every situation, so when it does I know exactly what I'm going to do! You know what they say: "Imagine the best but be prepared for the worst."

Aviva has a healthy attitude in this situation. This accident makes Aviva who she is to other people, and gives her the experience to share and help others through their pain. I see Aviva's face after going back to the scene of the accident and it is so different. The relief is evident.

When it comes to blemishes you have you use a needle. Never squeeze! I have to admit when it comes to the interns, it's a little bit TMI. But they are at that age where they really need to know these things! I don't want them to make the same mistakes I made. It really pains me to see a good-looking kid with a pockmarked face from squeezing. I have a 13-year-old daughter myself, and I'm telling her this very same thing. Using a sterile needle rather than squeezing (because you can't wait for it to dry up on its own or go to a dermatologist) means the difference between a clear face at 50 years old when your skin starts to thin and a mess.

Carole looked amazing as the Queen Mermaid. I love the Ya-Ya sisterhood that Carole put together for us on the beach and the wonderful affirmations she wrote for us after a long day reigning as Queen. Aviva may says she's not a well wisher -- but I can tell you she's always been very supportive of me and has inspired me to be brave, creative, and to forge ahead with my art.

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